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Marcove a new SEO, SEM and Social Media client of Lifting Group

Marcove with more forty years of experience in the construction and development sector, in housing as well as offices and industrial buildings.

This company specializes in the purchase, sale and rental of exclusive properties in the area of Barcelona, Sant Cugat del Vallés y Rubí. Throughout years in the sector, Marcove continues working to understand the individual and different needs of its clients in order to offer them the best possible solution.

Marcove understands that the sale of property goes beyond the sale of the real estate itself. They make available to their clients an interdisciplinary team that is able to assist them throughout the process.



From Lifting Group alongside Marcove we are developing a SEO,  SEM and Social Media  strategy to increase the visibility of the brand and its assets in the Digital Channel. Likewise with the H.A.U.S Espacios que Respiran brand.

The strategy is being implemented in the digital channels of Marcove, with the objective of increasing both the number of leads interested in the products and in the services of the brand.

We are very happy to offer our services continuously to Marcove and, in turn, aid them with another of their projects for their other brand, Haus.



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