Can you imagine being able to come up with a fertility plan to increase your chances of getting pregnant in a natural way?

That’s what the founders thought, a couple who, after trying for years to become parents and after undergoing several fertility treatments, talked with other couples to share their experiences. Thus was born Mumati, the new app to improve the fertility of all those women who want to become mums.

The start-up began as part of the garage program at Lanzadera (Valencia), one of the largest project incubators in Spain, the brainchild of Juan Roig (Mercadona’s executive president). After some time as developers in that company, they decided to put their trust in Lifting Group as a Digital Marketing Agency with the aim of boosting the results of the project and reaching the biggest volume at the point of sale. The app, which is totally free, suggests diets, exercises, routines, objectives and advice, as well as a fertility calendar that helps the user to have a track and control her plan, pointing out the most fertile days of each month.


mumati 2


The needs of the new client that Lifting Group will cater for, after an exhaustive study of the case, will be especially the development of inbound marketing to increase the number of downloads and the work of the SEM channelsstrategy in social networks, ASO (App Store Optimization) and visibility of online reputation.

This plan has been thought out and adapted to suit both the usability and the system of how the app works. The goal of our professionals is to achieve maximum dissemination of this application through the use of the methods discussed above, with emphasis on dissemination through SEM campaigns, campaigns on social networks, and the establishing of KPI’s through the use of ASO metrics, among others. The app is available in iOS and Android.