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Lifting Academy: What have we learned in 2020 about metrics and tools?

We have learned more than ever in 2020, that’s why at Lifting Group we remain committed to our internal training, where we not only train but also improve ourselves as the dedicated professionals we are. 

The purpose of this article is to refresh the different tools that exist in Digital Marketing, essential for any strategy. Thanks to many of these tools we will be able to monitor tasks and actions, optimize diffusion flows and centralize the different activities. We will also talk about the metrics that exist, as indicators that allow us to know how close or far we are from the established objectives. This collection of information is detailed below thanks to the Academies taught by the members in our Lifting Group, who work tirelessly to continue to add value to our team. 

First of all, we would like to tell you that our academies are a series of specialized trainings given by different internal members of different teams, which are aimed at promoting the knowledge and tools necessary for the rest of Lifting Group teams to provide maximum value to our customers and thus grow professionally. 

Below we detail 3 of our Academies on different metrics and tools.

We will focus on:

  • Academy on Analytics and KPI’s
  • Academy on Google Data Studio tool
  • Academy on Ahrefs and other possible monitoring and analysis techniques.

The Academy on Analytics and KPI’staught by Lifting Group’s SEO|SEM Team Leader, Paco Mascareña, aimed to transmit advanced analytics techniques and tools and to have a broader view on KPI’s according to the type of business in the Digital Channel .

Thanks to this Academy, we were able to get the most out of this tool, which as some of you already know, has an almost infinite potential, and subsequently provide better solutions to our customers by providing more value.

Google data

The Academy on the Google Data Studio tool, taught by Lluis Pitarch, a member of Lifting Group’s SEO|SEM team, aimed to expand knowledge of the tool and be able to apply the new KPI’s model to all Lifting Group teams. The different functionalities and possibilities offered by the tool were explained and detailed, as well as the essential role of Google Data Studio within the company’s methodology. 

Academy on Ahrefs and other monitoring tools, taught by Andrea Barbero, from the Digital Services team, explains in detail the Ahrefs tool, how it works and what it entails, as well as other possible monitoring and analysis techniques

The aim of this Academy was to expand the knowledge of these techniques of digital channels, to our Lifting Group team.

Ahrefs y metricas

At Lifting Group, we continue working to provide our customers with the best service thanks to the daily efforts of our teams. We would like to thank once again the entire Lifting Group team for their dedication and involvement at all times to learn and continue adding value to our work.



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