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Lifting Academy | Approach to Inbound Marketing

At Lifting Group, within our Digital Marketing area, we work on Inbound Marketing focusing on achieving any objective proposed by the client. Thanks to its expertise and know-how, the team has carried out an academy on some of the most important data in Inbound Marketing and how we at Lifting Group put it into practice.

As you well know, it is through this initiative that we seek to obtain a cohesive and updated team with the latest trends and Lifting Group methodology, so that all team members acquire the necessary knowledge to face the challenges that arise daily.

At what moment are we

We are all aware that the use of the internet in our day to day has significantly changed the purchase process as well as the decision-making of the users themselves. This aspect can be seen as a challenge but also as an opportunity for companies, who must begin to learn how to communicate with their customers and adapt to the casuistry of the times in which we currently find ourselves.

Starting from this same premise and with all these changes, the Inbound Marketing methodology has grown exponentially and companies are increasingly aware of it.

The Inbound Marketing strategy is known because it makes available to marketing specialists actions, tools and strategies such as SEO, Social Networks, Online Reputation, and Public Relations useful to spread the word about the brand. These tools make it possible to segment the target audience very well and are characterized by having a good return on investment.

With the application of Inbound Marketing what is tried is to establish a relationship with the client, helping him, educating him and guiding him throughout the purchase process so that he himself is not only buying the product or service but at the same time loyalty over the long term. deadline with the company.

In order to guide the user during this purchase process, there are 3 very key stages that will help to achieve the objectives set. These phases are: Attract, Involve and Delight. These stages that are part of a rotating wheel range from attracting the attention of the user for the first time, getting the data from him and educating him to his conversion and loyalty as a customer.

But how do we manage to target our ideal audience?

Connecting and getting closer to the target audience and offering them what they really want is not an easy task. The first thing to keep in mind is who we are talking to and get to know them perfectly. Defining this target audience or also known as the Buyer Persona of your brand or product, is one of the keys to success of any Inbound Marketing strategy. Once all the key points of the target audience have been defined, it will be much easier to find what they really need.

It is important that throughout this process companies are open to the consumer. What does it mean? The more transparency there is on the part of the company and the more its manufacturing method, materials used, its characteristic attributes among others are explained, the easier it will be for the consumer to create affinity with the brand.

At Lifting Group we have our own methodology that allows us to become strategic partners to help companies define their Inbound Marketing strategy. We carry out Inbound Marketing strategies that we complement with other Outbound Marketing strategies to achieve measurable results and new success stories every day.



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