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The December Lifting Academies, a success

14 December was an important date in the Lifting Group calender. The Lifting Academies, with their different formats for different teams, were held. This time round three courses were held on very specific issues:

The first: “how to sell better on Amazon” Gael Balouek, someone with vast experience in managing brands, categories and products on Amazon for several clients of ours, explained the best practices to get sales success on Amazon.


Marketing Outsourcing: past, present and future of the service, which covered issues relating to the outsourcing service, analysing the evolution of this service in Lifting Group, the current methodology and considering all those features that can be improved.

The third focused on Client Management and Cross Selling, for those that are most frequently in direct contact with clients and with the strategic area of the company because of their day to day work at Lifting Group.

Lifting Academies are internal training courses used to amplify teams’ knowledge of specific issues, and so improve the service we offer and ensure that our team of experts are constantly up to date with innovations in the sector.


The Academy that focused on selling better on Amazon, was given with the idea of extending and updating knowledge about our teams’ sales on Amazon. The methodology used on the course was highly dynamic. The content was transmitted by using real cases that worked as examples and reinforced the theory that was explained. The attendants commented on the course methodology and especially the great practical value it had for the day to day work of those who attended. The subject matter was regarded as interesting by both teams and a very positive assessment was given by the attendants.

“I discovered a lot of factors to be borne in mind when selling on Amazon, the projection and focus used to explain the content gave the Academy course a lot of applications.” – Blanca Matas. (Trainee Team Marketing)

The Academy of the Team Outsourcing was given by the CEO of Lifting Group, David Garcia, who best knows the history and evolution of the company.

This course consisted of two basic parts:

At the start of the Academy, our CEO took us on a journey through the past, reviewing the history of Lifting Group, paying special attention to those key stages that made the company what it is today; a national leader in the outsourcing service. Emphasis was placed on the important role played by the outsourcing service in Lifting Group.

In the second stage, the subject matter focused more on remembering what makes our outsourcing service different. One point that was highlighted is the importance of being the marketing department of our clients, which is a service where Lifting Group has been a pioneer. The key factors is in not to carry on being a high quality consultancy service or limiting ourselves to implementing specific services; we trace out the strategic plan as a strategic marketing consultancy and we have the capacity for implementation as a marketing agency.

“I feel that the value of this Academy resided in not losing focus amongst the day to day work, in always having a very clear idea of where we want to be with every step we take.” -María Campos. (Technician, Team Marketing Outsourcing)

The Academy on  Client Management and Cross Selling, was held in the Belgrado restaurant, to encourage a more laid back and intimate session. The course commenced by discussing client cases in order to share real experiences that turned out be problematic at some stage of the communication process. This way it was possible to share the different communication protocols that had been established at different times with different clients and it was then debated which worked best and which were less effective. Emphasis was placed on the idea of knowing our interlocutor as well as possible to find out what barriers we might find when establishing communications with the client.

The second part of the took place on a more academic or educational footing, in which a cross-selling strategy course was given. Tools were described that can detect clients’ needs and offer them services that can boost a forthcoming strategy or one that is already being implemented.

“A very communicative session, relaxed and useful for day to day work that ended with an excellent team lunch at the restaurant.” – Yara López. (Manager Team Marketing VLC)

Lifting Group is a company that firmly believes in the value of its teams and works constantly to develop all the potential of each member that forms part of our team. The will to succeed and the desire to improve every day, to become the best professionals, are values shared by every member of this family, making Lifting Group a Marketing and Strategy Agency and Consultancy with the firm objective of becoming the best partner for our clients.



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