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Lifting Academy. Everything you need to know about the basics of photography.

At Lifting Group, we remain committed to our Lifting Academy initiative, specialized internal training on the latest trends, tools and methodologies. For this session we have focused on the Basics of Photography, aimed at all our teams in order to promote internal training and professional growth of each of our employees.

With this initiative we seek to obtain a cohesive and updated team with the latest trends and methodology of Lifting Group, making all team members acquire the necessary knowledge to meet the challenges that arise daily.

Photography means choosing, selecting, being attentive to situations and details, sharpening our gaze and eye with respect to the world around us. We are all aware that it is part of the collective, family and personal life of each one of us, and even more so in these times, where it is even part of the making of several decisions, almost on a daily basis.

Unlike other artistic activities, photography is nowadays totally accessible to everyone. However, to achieve results of a certain value, it is necessary to have some basic knowledge to put us in situation, when working on a photographic project.

That is why for this first session of our Academies, we have decided to put the cards on the table and talk about photography, with special emphasis on its general operation and thus be able to obtain quality results.

The Academy was given by Albert Gimeno, our Connecting department manager. The idea of teaching it came to us, as Albert has extensive experience in the development and design of visual pieces.

Following our methodology, the session was recorded so that it could be consulted whenever we wanted by our teams or externally. The difference was the incorporation for this Academy of a brief questionnaire with related questions so that each of the team members could self-evaluate.

The Academy was developed under the premise of 8 major blocks:

  • Camera
  • Sensors
  • Optics
  • Exposure
  • Lighting
  • Product Photo
  • Still Life
  • Exteriors

All of them necessary to complete the session.

What we were looking for with this particular Academy, is that all participants could finish the session with some basic knowledge about photography, what to take into account and what to do and what not to do, useful in the times we live in today.

The truth is that the Academy has had a very good reception and participation from all our teams and we know that after a training like this, any of our members will be highly qualified to undertake a photographic project.

If you are just starting out in photography or want to test your knowledge on the subject, we recommend you to review the video attached in the publication and enjoy this training.

At Lifting Group we love to keep learning day by day and to keep expanding our knowledge, we are looking forward to the next Academy and to keep learning together!



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