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Inbound Marketing B2B: What is the best strategy?

Inbound Marketing is the methodology that combines non-intrusive marketing and advertising techniques in the Digital Channel, which aim to attract customers through the creation of valuable content adapted to the needs and objectives of companies, being a very valuable tool for B2B business (business to business).

The B2B buyer person represents the ideal client with professional differentiators, identifying the person responsible for acquiring our offer of products/services in the corresponding sector. For example, the HR Director, General Manager, etc. To identify it, we must take into account the position and profile of the person in charge; billing/budget, sector, problems, needs, goals or motivations of the company, media and/or sources of information (social networks, blogs, search engines…), geographic location, evaluation of the acquisition process, as well as all those differentiators adapted to our offer.

From Lifting Group, an agency specialized in Inbound Marketing, we share with you the best strategies to implement in B2B Inbound Marketing: SEO, content marketing, social media, video content, webinars and e-mail marketing.

SEO (search engine optimization)

It is search engine optimization, that is, a set of strategies that are used so that a web page appears organically in user queries in search engines. It should be taken into account:

  • Keyword research, establish search queries that align with the purchase intention of our target.
  • Value content, creation of content that generates interest on the part of the user.
  • Optimization of titles, descriptions and images
  • Updating content, creating new content, integrating trends, organizing content by categories and tags, as well as constantly reviewing old content, updating information, and solving technical problems.

From Lifting Group, we invite you to learn more about SEO and its importance in Inbound Marketing.SEO y su importancia en Inbound Marketing.

Marketing de contenidos

It is a marketing technique based on creating, publishing, and sharing content of interest to the user. It is important to diversify the content and be up-to-date in order to respond to the different doubts of the possible client during their search process, or to generate interest and/or help detect the need based on valuable content.

By generating content that benefits users, we will be generating lead magnets, that is, in exchange we will be able to obtain the data of the professional profiles of the visitors, as well as of the companies interested in our offer of products/services, and convert them into leads.

We share some strategies for a good design and obtaining more effective lead magnets: descriptive titles that communicate the benefits that users will obtain through the content offered, formats, and strategic channels that are consistent with the public and content, support through email marketing, social media outreach, include comments, include CTAs.

Example of the best lead magnets: Webinar and masterclass with relevant guests from the sector, courses, templates, studies, trial periods, ebooks and testimonials or success stories.

For a good content creation it will be important to take into account:

  • Creation and update of blog, which will help the user to define the products/services offered by the company, and which ones suit their needs.
  • Videos with interviews, testimonials, tutorials or information, to attract the user’s attention and answer their questions. These must be optimized (descriptions and labels), to increase their positioning. It is important to highlight the CTA, if applicable.
  • Ebooks that offer comparative information, and solutions to the need.

Social Media

Social networks are highly relevant in B2B Inbound marketing strategies, being one of the most important channels due to the traffic and diversity of its users at a very low cost. The most used network in B2B is LinkedIn, generating more than 80% of leads and offering plans that strengthen business-to-business marketing, such as LinkedIn Premium and LinkedIn Sales Navigator to identify buyers, their interactions, and tools to better understand your lead. .

To take into account:

  • Corporate branding, respect the guidelines of the corporate and/or brand image.
  • Sharing real photos of the team humanizes the brand, in addition to creating empathy with the community.
  • Create conversations, emphasize the copy, opening a communication channel with users.
  • Link the profiles to the corporate website to generate traffic (in feed and campaigns).

To learn more about how each social network works, you can visit the B2B Strategies in social networks post, which will help you learn in detail how each social network works.

Video contenido

The video marketing strategy must be based on providing agile solutions to our buyer persona, responding to the insights of the needs of the companies to which we offer our services/products.

One of the most effective channels for B2B marketing is YouTube, considered the main video platform, through which it is possible to enhance SEO, generate community, and disseminate content through other social networks for which it is recommended integration of tutorials that will help us generate engagement, through a narrative that must contain the following resources:

  • Description of the company, communicate who we are, what we offer, what characterizes us, business culture. It is important to transmit the values ​​of the brand aligned with the branding.
  • Customer/employee testimonials that generate a bond of trust.
  • CTA that directs to the product or service offered, or to the web, highlighting the required resources and/or processes for its acquisition.

Execution deadlines, delivery formats, technical conditions, and differentiators must be communicated to position ourselves and stand out from the competition.

To take into account: texts, script, pre-production, quality, post-production, branding according to corporate communication.


Webinars are a key strategy for B2B Inbound Marketing, which offers educational content that responds to the needs of our buyer persona, giving added value to the user in exchange for registration, which allows us to attract leads and create a database segmented by interests. To take into account:

  • Identify topics of interest in which our products or services respond to needs.
  • Generate interaction to establish a close communication channel from which a sales conversation can start, categorizing the lead from the beginning.
  • Distance collaboration and testimonials from relevant people in the sector, who generate interest on the part of the buyer persona, also creating cross-communication.
  • Transmission of information, with a duration of 30 to 90 interactive minutes, with which topics of interest can be dynamically explained where attendees can express their doubts, and organic branding will be integrated.

Email marketing

Considered one of the most profitable and effective channels to convert subscribers into leads, the most important points of the content to develop are:

  • Descriptive / attractive subject that generates the opening of the email.
  • CTA (call to action), focus the message of each newsletter on a CTA to avoid confusing users with different messages.
  • BBDD segmentation, to focus the desired email to the list of subscribers who can generate interest in the subject matter.
  • Responsive design, in such a way that the user has the content adapted to the device of their choice.
  • Offer an added value that encourages users to open emails, and maintain the subscription to the BBDD.
  • Establish metrics to evaluate campaigns vs. needs of the target, highlighting the percentage of emails sent, emails opened, and number of leads from this channel.

It should always be taken into account that the communication is aimed at companies, so it will be important to focus the messages on the professional profile, which will act as a decision maker towards our service/product.

With these best practices you will be able to increase the number of visitors to your website, convert visitors into leads, automate them, and convert them into customers.


How to know if you are doing the right thing with your B2B Inbound Marketing strategy?

Email marketing is one of the most effective channels for generating leads, and at the same time, obtaining a return on B2B investment. It must be taken into account that each brand is unique, and each of these strategies can be adapted differently according to the needs and scope of the business. Here are some good practices to keep in mind:

  • Offer personalized value content, the value and quality that is applied to the content and its adaptation to the buyer persona, are key factors in determining the success of your B2B Inbound Marketing strategy.
  • Focus on your target audience, in B2C marketing we go directly to the final consumer, unlike B2B, in which we seek to go to the companies and/or personnel in charge of acquiring our services/products.
  • Check the analytics of your website, the metrics generated by the website provide very valuable information about the results of B2B marketing. Monitoring traffic and conversions can help us better understand our users, their needs, as well as detect the performance of our strategies.
  • Do tests, what do we mean by that? Getting the B2B Inbound Marketing strategy right in the first phase can be a difficult task, so we recommend trying and making mistakes until you find the strategy that best suits each business model. Testing different channels will help us understand and compare the ability to generate traffic, leads and conversions.
  • Optimize the CTAs, if what you are looking for is to convert more customers, one of the fastest and most effective strategies is to include clear and concise CTAs to attract the attention of visitors, and encourage them to take the next step.


B2B Inbound Marketing is a strategy that has managed to change the lives of companies, since it is a very complete online marketing technique that has been used through multiple actions, ranging from content marketing to SEO.

In addition, Inbound Marketing is ideal for the B2B business model, since due to its typology, the efforts that must be invested to be able to close new projects are much greater, and since its market share is considerably lower than the existing one. in B2C businesses, where sales are directed to the final customer.



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