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Livestreaming and the power of live digital marketing.

Live transmissions or live streaming:

have increasingly raised the interest and effectiveness of the different social networks. More and more platforms have adapted to this new trend when it comes to providing greater community to the user. Even marketers are beginning to implement live streaming in their next digital marketing strategies, as they seek to bring and broadcast in real time the user experiences creating a sense of closeness and originality.

But, are we clear about what this term is all about?

Live Streaming refers to online streaming media recorded and transmitted simultaneously in real time. It is often simply referred to as streaming, but this abbreviated term can be ambiguous, as it can refer to any media delivered and played simultaneously without requiring a fully downloaded file. Today, television broadcasts, video games and videos on social networks can be streamed live. Let’s take an example: the difference between an actor reciting a memorized monologue and one who improvises a speech on the spot. In the former, the content is thought out and created beforehand, it is stored and then the actor communicates it to his audience. In the second, the audience receives the content as the actor creates it at the same moment, as happens with live broadcasting. Now it is, isn’t it? As mentioned above, many companies are increasingly using this tool on social platforms in order to increase engagement with the brand, be closer to the target and measure the media impact that a product or service can generate.

How do you make people want to relate to your brand in this way?

Using this tool, you will get your audience to know you and want to be close to you. Personalizing the experience is essential for customers to feel comfortable buying and become repeat customers. Do not forget that live streaming is primarily about creating a connection between the potential customer and the product. For this to be possible, it must be taken into account that the content of the video to be transmitted must be carefully considered and the video must be placed in time and space. Implementing live streaming in digital marketing strategies is more positive than you can imagine. Some studies even claim that 90% of potential customers get more confidence in the information conveyed by a video, when purchasing a product or service. Hence, the reason why live streaming is becoming one of the bases for online sales strategies.


Here are some of the advantages that live streaming can offer in your next digital marketing strategy.

  • Organize Q&A sessions
  • Raise engagement levels and effectiveness
  • Establish the brand in the customer’s mind 
  • Respond to users in real time
  • Personalize interactions with your customers
  • Announce new product and/or service launches
  • Improve customer service
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What should I take into account as a useful tip to create a Live Streaming strategy for my business?


1. Know your audience well:

If you don’t know who you’re targeting, you can’t expect new leads to advance into the expected sales funnel. Knowing your target audience well will help you create original, appropriate and interesting content. Incorporating this live streaming tool will make the audience more connected to your brand. To get to know your audience well, you could organize a question and answer session that has proven to be useful to improve and generate more engagement.

2. On which platforms should you upload your Livestreaming content?

It is very important to analyze and think about which platforms will work best for you to upload your Live Streaming content in order to attract your audience. Understanding the platforms, the messages you are going to transmit and how you are going to do it is vital to get the expected results.

Some of the most used platforms are:

Facebook Live
Instagram Live
Twitter Live
Youtube Live

Being able to use these platforms for your next strategy, can lead to generate great benefits for the brand, such as:

Positioning you ahead of your competition
Increased organic reach
Faster sales process
Greater engagement with your audience
Humanize the brand
Reach your audience
Increased brand visibility and interactions
Accelerated lead generation
Growth in organic traffic

Taking into account the advantages of incorporating any of these platforms, you will only have to consider your strategy in the channel you have been working on until now.

3. Analyze what content is the most appropriate and interesting for your audience.

Look at other social media posts that have gotten the most reactions, likes and shares on your profile. What questions do people ask the most? What content gets the most traffic? What content gets the most comments/engagement? Following and keeping up with the trends in your industry will help you create a better communication strategy. With these tips and good planning, you should be well on your way to creating a livestreaming strategy that produces conversions. Live video is a good tool that will allow you as a company to connect with your audience, create greater brand awareness and generate sales. Nowadays, more and more digital marketing proposals include streaming as a tool to launch new messages and reach the established audience. This type of tool offers many advantages for your brand: it increases the chances of engagement, improves the SEO of your website, favors the conversion rate, among others.

What are you waiting for to implement it in your digital marketing plan?



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