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Top tips for influencer marketing success in 2022

Influencer marketing, also known as branded content is an almost certain way to expand the reach of any brand on social media. There is no single perfect formula that makes the strategy work but with good planning and research any company could benefit from it. 

Most companies apply this type of strategy because they seek to generate brand awareness.

The concept of influencers refers to that group of people who over time have become references for thousands and even millions of people in the Digital Channel, due to the content they create and the volume of users who follow them. They are characterized by having a great power of influence over a specific content in which they position themselves as experts or referents.

According to the latest influencer marketing statistics, 76% of brands are planning to increase their budget for influencer marketing over the next few years. This is further strengthened by the continued saturation of the channel as 80% of B2C brands are currently using or are planning to use influencer marketing as part of their strategy.

In our last article on Influencer Marketing, we mentioned some of the trends of this 2021 and some tips on how to execute them correctly. Now as we are about to start a new year, we detail those trends that are coming for 2022 and to take into account the implementation of the strategy.

More natural and closer ties:

The user has been evolving over time in the same way that the Digital Channel itself has been doing. Most of them are looking for more and more natural and closer content that they can identify with. In addition the pandemic was also one of the factors why millions of people shared their daily lives in the most natural and spontaneous way possible, making known a “true self” never seen or exploited before. 

Video format:

Although images continue to play a fundamental role in the consumer’s mind, the video format has grown exponentially taking advantage with a few seconds to convey the right message.


This trend goes hand in hand with the concept of transmitting an increasingly closer and closer message, so we are already seeing how this will be one of the trends that will be on the rise and which still has a long way to go.

Influencers as brand ambassadors:

Brands will increasingly focus on forming partnerships and long-term paid collaborations with influencers in order to create strategic and real alliances. 



















Although there are other trends that will also take place in 2022, we do not detail them here as we already mentioned them in the last article. 

One of the things that we did not mention but that is important to take into account when implementing a strategy is to evaluate what type of influencers exist in the market and which one can be the best for the brand and the business model. 


They are those who recommend a product or service because they themselves are the ones who use it and it gives them good results. They are characterized by having a strong credibility, since they do not cease to be opinion leaders.


These are celebrities who promote products and/or services that are currently in fashion. This profile entails a much higher budget but they assure you a much faster and effective discussion.

Cool Hunters:

They are those people who are dedicated to test the latest products to make reviews and recommendations to their followers. This profile can be very powerful for a brand as they are groups that are aware of the latest trends and news. 

Niche experts:

These are people who are knowledgeable about a product and/or service in a very specific sector and have great knowledge about it. They are perfect profiles if you need to connect with a very specific public.

How to find the perfect influencer for your brand?

We are at another key point where there is no perfect formula for action or planning, but we do think it is important to mention some options that can be taken into account so that the choice is as appropriate for the brand as possible. 

  • We search the social networks, analyzing all possible data such as the engagement rate, lines and type of content, existing community, frequency, etc. Once found, we contact, ask for a budget, negotiate and monitor the results.
  • We can choose to hire agencies specializing in influencer marketing, so that they can put us in contact with the influencer who is most in line with the values of the brand.

According to Holly Morran, UK Marketing Manager at Cure Media, an award-winning influencer marketing agency, “It might sound counterintuitive but brands should avoid falling into the trap of focusing on the influencers themselves, and instead bring the attention more towards their followers. An influencer’s followers are, after all, the brand’s target audience, not the influencer themselves who are more of a gateway. So ensuring that the people who will be exposed to an influencer’s sponsored content are the right fit for your product or offering is crucial.

When asked about what to look for within an influencer’s audience, Holly said: “There’s a lot to factor in when it comes to making the best influencer selection, but some key considerations should be their audience’s demographics, preferences, and values. This combination can prove critical in determining whether or not an influencer is actually connecting with your target audience and whether they are the right fit for your brand.”

What benefits can we find in Influencer Marketing?

Currently brands have found a way to communicate and disseminate their values in a much closer and real way to their audience. 

It also contributes to: 

  • It helps to capture and convert more potential customers.
  • It is more effective and not as intrusive as traditional advertising.
  • Helps SEO positioning
  • Improves brand reputation and awareness
  • It provides results in real-time
  • Attracts more visitors to the website

You may think that influencers are a small part of getting the desired results and that all they do is upload unimportant photos, but you have to be aware that a good influencer is a content creator who spends time and effort to understand your audience and provide them with what they really need and want.

One of the most important things that brands need to understand about influencers is that the influencers know exactly what content their audience are interested in. This provides many benefits to the brand because the influencer can tailor their content towards something that will both resonate and engage, which are crucial to obtaining sales and creating long-term relationships.



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