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Maricastaña strengthens its growth by betting on a Digital Paid Strategy with Lifting Group.

Maricastaña opened its doors in 2016 by Vicky Pinar and Sergio Gamisans, who risked everything to make this dream come true. Thanks to this bet, they have managed to revolutionize the concept of fashion to the small commerce of Palma, offering unique and fun prints, chromatic ranges and forms that do not leave indifferent. For them the basis of everything, focuses on providing a personalized and friendly service to their customers.

Its product range is very broad and is aimed at both men and women, although what stands out most is the authenticity in each and every one of the garments, they also offer other products such as accessories, jewelry and original home decor.

The essence of their brand is based on their way of being. They seek to transmit through their clothes, this spirit of good vibes, fun and alternative. Originality and innovation as the mantra of this project. One of the mottos of Maricastaña is “Life is too short to wear boring clothes”, which conveys the essence and spirit of their concept of fashion that is so characteristic.

This unconventional universe makes the store experience even more fun and interesting.

Maricastaña is a brand that has always focused on creating the best experiences for its customers, and this is how Lifting Group is developing this new digital challenge. The objective of the project was clear and is that Maricastaña focuses on increasing sales and profitability through the payment channel. 

In order to develop this digital project, our Digital Services team was the ideal one to find the best solutions and actions to carry out, and thus ensure the achievement of objectives. With this, a series of actions are being executed focused on designing paid search engine advertising campaigns (SEM), as well as email marketing actions to increase sales.

Currently the project is in an optimization phase and although the data we are already receiving is very good, we hope to reach the set and desired results.

Being able to count on clients like Maricastaña to make their digital project grow is one of the reasons why we love what we do. Our goal is to make our clients’ dreams come true!

We appreciate the trust that is being given to our teams, and we are proud to be able to develop a project like this, which motivates us and commits us to continue working every day. From Lifting Group we love to see our customers achieve their goals after trusting us!



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