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Ruber International Hospital’s Women’s Unit relies on Lifting Group for its Paid Media strategy

The Women’s Unit is an independent service of the Ruber International Hospital, specialized in Obstetrics and Gynecology Service. Headed under Prof. Dr. Juan José Vidal, since its creation in 1991 its objective has been to offer comprehensive care of the highest quality to women.

To this end, the Women’s Unit has the most advanced technical resources, and with a team comprising more than 30 professionals among doctors, nutritionists, psychologists, midwives, nurses, assistants and secretaries. Thus, its gynecology and obstetrics services include a deep knowledge of assisted reproductive techniques and fertility preservation. These include artificial insemination, in vitro fertilization, or oocyte vitrification, among others.

The Women’s Unit came to Lifting Group with the aim of promoting the visibility of its field of assisted reproduction and fertility preservation by betting on the digital channel.

To meet this challenge, our Digital Services team has developed a Paid Media strategy to drive and increase web traffic as well as increase conversions.

To this end, four specialized landing pages, were established, one for each service. Our team has carried out both the visual layout and web design, as well as the arrangement and order of contents, with the aim of promoting conversion through dynamic elements such as CTA’s and contact forms. Thus, after the analysis of keywords, various Paid Media campaigns have been designed and linked to these new landing pages in order to optimize traffic to the conversion to make it easier for interested people to gain knowledge and request appointments.

We are very happy to be working with The Women’s Unit and look forward to helping their business grow through the digital channel.



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