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Lifting Group holds its Design Academy

Lifting Group held their last Design Academy this October. Lifting Group Academy is a space that was created with the goal of building a cohesive team, kept updated with all our latest developments and methodologies. Thanks to these sessions, all members of the team can absorb the necessary knowledge to overcome the challenges they face every day.

This Academy has focused on addressing design issues. During the session we have analyzed the general aspects to consider when developing a project, to guidelines on how to deal with both digital and offline one-piece design.


Academy diseño Lifting Group Agencia de Marketing


The importance of design in a Marketing Strategy

Design is a key element in the process of creation and development of any marketing strategy, and at Lifting Group we are clear about this. Design allows a brand to differentiate itself from the competition, gives it character and presents it to the market in an optimal manner.

At Lifting Group we have a Design Outsourcing service that offers companies the chance to outsource all or part of their work, thereby leaving it in our hands. At Lifting Group we have a creative team with great experience in the sector, managed and coordinated by specialized marketing consultants. This allows us to work closely with the client and adapt perfectly to your needs, offering you a unique service.

New Additions to Lifting Group

This October Lifting Group has had the pleasure of adding two new members to the team, with which we will consolidate the next stage of our growth and success.

The focus of the training from a labor perspective helps to improve fundamental and professional capacity for a multidisciplinary team” said Iván Suárez, new member of the Marketing Team in Barcelona.

I think the Academies are vital for staff training and for the growth of the agency. Also, they help us to get to know the methodology and work guide lines of Lifting Group” commented Marc Beltrol, new member of the Marketing Team in Barcelona.

With these comments from our new team members, we wrapped up the October Academy, ready for November and looking forward to the next training session, this time on the subject of digital projects with WordPress.




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