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BigTranslation, Corporate Partner of Lifting Group for SEO Content Translation

BigTranslation, the translation agency specialised in SEO content, which consists of a wide team of native professional translators in over 24 available languages, has become a corporate partner of Lifting Group.

“The main added value of BigTranslation, and one of the reasons we chose to make this agency a corporate partner for the translation both of our own content and that of our clients, is that it offers a website translation service with search engine optimisation that is both very specialised and flexible in terms of responsiveness.” points out Rodrigo Cernadas, Lifting Group’s COO.



BigTranslation is a unique translation agency, as it includes SEO translation among its services, which is essential when approaching website translation projects and working on improving our clients’ visibility. Over 80% of users prefer to browse websites in their native language; it is therefore crucial that international companies have website content available in several languages.

At Lifting Group we work on many international projects and we have designed web pages for various markets present in over 40 countries, providing our knowledge in all business areas, but especially in e-commerce development.

When designing and implementing an international development strategy, aiming for the maximum transnational circulation and growth, we know that an attractive website is essential; and if it has relevant, SEO optimised content for the audiences of every country, we will achieve greater visibility and circulation for our clients.

We work with clients who have a near-global scope, and with this partnership we hope to provide an added value to our responsiveness in a contextual way, carried out by native translators. At Lifting Group we are very pleased to have this new corporate partner to offer a highly qualified translation service that will help us the reach much further.

Find out more about the specialised services that BigTranslation offer by visiting their website.



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