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15 Digital Marketing platforms and tools

Nowadays we can say that it is almost mandatory for companies to be present in the digital environment, since the Internet has become the main source of information for society and the ideal place to find potential customers, so it will be essential to have good digital tools to make it easier for us.

In our new post from Lifting Group, , a marketing and strategic consulting agency, we are going to mention 15 Digital Marketing platforms and tools that cannot be missing from your strategy.


The importance of being present in the digital environment

As digital marketing experts we know first hand what it means to be present in the online world, all the options that this encompasses and the wide range of possibilities that exist for all companies, whatever the sector they focus on.

In order to create this post, we have divided the resources into 5 very important pillars, which all companies may need at some point: online reputation, SEM and paid media, graphic design, web programmatic advertising and social networks.

Below, we select different digital marketing tools for companies that will help you to correctly implement your digital strategy and we’re sure you’ll be able to take advantage of them, don’t miss out on them!



Learn about the main Digital Marketing platforms and tools for companies:


Control and manage the online reputation of your business

In order to effectively manage reputation, it is necessary to rely on several management tools, since, without them, we would not be able to be present everywhere and important information would certainly escape us. The ones we propose are the following:

Mention: is a monitoring tool that allows you to discover how people talk about you and your competitors on the Internet. This tool is able to monitor words and keep up to date with what is happening in your market in real time. It analyses blogs, web pages and social networks.

Google Alerts: this is the online monitoring service offered by Google; it detects content related to phrases or terms chosen by users. The tool sends a list of relevant contents that have appeared on the Internet with the selected terms, to your email daily.


Delve into SEM and paid media actions

SEM and paid media actions will help you promote your business by improving visibility on search engines and social networks. Thanks to the paid actions you will be able to see results quickly and start obtaining short-term profitability thanks to these Digital Marketing tools.

Facebook Ads: these are paid ads on Facebook, which can appear on the social network’s news and stories. It offers different formats and business targets for advertisers, from “likes” on the page, lead generation to confirmation of presence at events.

Instagram Ads: Instagram advertising is made up of image and video-based ads that are a great way to reach your audience and achieve the targets of your advertising campaign. It allows  visual ads to be created that will allow you to humanise your brand and reach new audiences.

Tik Tok Ads: allows us to generate campaign structures in which to include different groups of ads, with different segmentations and various types of ads in each one. They will help you meet your targets on this platform: scope, awareness, website traffic or sales.

YouTube Ads: is the video marketing system especially designed to manage advertising on YouTube. Through this system you can generate ads in different formats and choose to insert them before, during or after the video the user wants to watch, among many other options.



Google Ads: is Google’s online advertising programme. It allows you to create online ads to reach users just when they show interest in the products and services you offer. It will give you the possibility to gain visibility and appear at the top of the search engine.


Digital Marketing tools for companies: graphic design

Visual content is processed 60,000 times faster than text and generates about 94% more views, so having a unique style and personality is of great importance for companies, you must differentiate yourself well from the competition and a very effective way to do this is to have an image that can be differentiated by users.



Canva: the free design tool that is excellence for some, it allows you to create different types of creatives: invitations, cards, résumés, presentations, posters, graphics, posts for social networks, landings and a large etcetera. 

Photophea: includes a variety of image editing tools, such as a correction brush, patch tool, clone stamp or quick selection tool. The software also allows work to undertaken with layers, masks, smart objects, vectorised objects and some filters can be applied.

Adobe products: these have programmes that are used for professional editing of images and files, composition of digital designs, videos and even for the design of websites, applications and programmes. Some of its most widely used products are: Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere Pro and InDesign.


Reach your target audience using web programmatic advertising

Programmatic advertising uses complex algorithms to detect matches between the data provided by brands about their target audience and the advertising spaces in different media at a specific time.

ONiAd: is a technology that allows ads to be placed on the Internet in a simple, intuitive, fast and accurate way. It works through an interface that guides the user through five steps to set up and launch an advertising campaign, able to connect businesses that want to get new customers with the most important and specific digital media that offer their spaces to place ads.


Digital Marketing tools specialised in social network management

If your company is active in social networks, it is important that you make the most of them to get the most out of their potential. In them you can carry out different actions such as prize draws, collaborations with influencers, generate interactive content… we are going to mention some tools that will make it easier for you to manage them:



Easypromos: Conduct prize draws on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter among newsletter subscribers, e-commerce registrants or event attendees. Winners are randomly and transparently selected and you can easily share this on your networks.

Influencity : Want to find influencers, but don’t know how? This tool focuses on the management of influencer marketing campaigns, searching among more than 55 million influencers distributed globally on the main social networks in just a few minutes. Use different search criteria to filter influencers and their audiences.

Not Just Analytics: This tool provides you with data on influencers or Instagram profiles, with which you can assess whether a collaboration is worthwhile or not. You will find data such as engagement, interaction rate, related profiles, hashtags, etc. It will be important to use it once you have chosen your ideal influencer to study the feasibility of the collaboration.

Metricool: is a tool that allows you to analyse, manage and measure the success of all your digital content. It offers you everything you need for your digital strategy in one place, from web analytics and content analysis of your blog, metrics and planning of your social networks to conducting studies concerning your competition and analysis and management of your online ads.

We use these Digital Marketing platforms and tools that we have mentioned on a daily basis at Lifting Group, where we have been developing our knowledge as a marketing agency and consultancy for more than 15 years. We hope the content has been useful for your project, if you have any questions about how to approach your digital strategy, please contact us and we will get in touch with you as quickly as possible; our passion and commitment is to make your business grow.



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