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OCU, a new SEO client

OCU (Organización de Consumidores y Usuarios) is a private non-profit organization dedicated, both within Spain and internationally, to information and the defense of consumers and users. OCU defends the rights of consumers, with the aim of creating a transparent and fair consumer society. To this end, OCU is a member of different associations and federations representing the interests of consumers on the international scene.

The values that make OCU stand out are: independence, transparency, influence and utility.  OCU works and directs its efforts at the constant improvement of the living conditions of consumers and users.


The objective of the service is to analyze the different KPIs related to the webs of the OCU Group Altroconsumo, Deco-proteste, Test-aankoop, Test Achats and Poteste.
The experts in SEO at Lifting Group developed a service methodology for the brand so as to focus on the most detailed service possible, compiling data on WPO Navigability, Indexing and Content. In addition, the teams carried out weekly reporting of these KPIs in order to see the trends in the data and the improvements be implemented on the different websites of the OCU Group.


 width=With this approach to the service, our aim was for each country to improve the indexing, positioning and visibility for the organization.

We would like to thank OCU for the confidence shown in our marketing teams. Our expertise and know-how have allowed us to trace out and implement a bespoke strategy which ensures that targets are met and that the overall SEO positioning of the organization improves.



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