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Atheneum Partners, new client for Inbound Marketing and Online Reputation.

Atheneum Partners is an international company with offices all over the world and principal bases in Berlin and New York, whose objective is to empower business decisions. One of the principal objectives of this company is to map the sphere of knowledge to the most detailed level. Its main claim is: “Empowering Business Decisions”.

Atheneum Partners works to redefine how business intelligence around the world is shared, to guarantee that leading professionals can gain access to information of the highest quality. The key to its success lies in nurturing deep knowledge, the team spirit, cultural diversity and professional growth.


In the first place, the service has been focused through 4 main verticals:

  • Consolidation of the online presence of the company as a workplace
  • Connecting with the talent of the company
  • Conveying the corporate values and social harmony at the different bases (Berlin and New York)
  • Obtaining highly motivated, loyal candidates for the different areas of service: Online Reputation, Content Marketing, Internal Communication, SEO Positioning and improvement for the website.

The experts in Online Reputation and Inbound Marketing at Lifting Group developed a strategy for the brand so as to focus on the most detailed service possible, encompassing

Along this same line, the principal objectives for the brand have been defined, both for Online Presence and Content Marketing, as well as Social Media SEO and webpage.

The objectives set are:

  • Improving the online presence of the brand
  • Improving the list of businesses of the company
  • Selecting search portals of interest for the company
  • Monitoring the parameters of keywords for work
  • Blogs and news
  • Events
  • Internal communication (bulletin, welcome manual, etc.)
  • Press releases
  • Improving the positioning of the Social Media channel (LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, …)
  • Improving the SEO positioning of the company in different markets such as in English, French, Italian and Spanish.
  • Raising the visibility of the Employment Panel and the page of job offers

We would like to thank Atheneum Partners for the trust placed in our marketing teams. Our expertise and know-how have allowed us to trace out and implement a bespoke strategy which ensures that targets are met, enabling the company to take a qualitative and quantitative leap in its business.





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