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Eagle Socks develops its Digital Strategy Plan with Lifting Group.

Eagle Socks Performance, was born in Barcelona with the aim of creating high performance socks and sports accessories, looking for the highest quality and playing at the same time with fun and original designs. 

The brand has developed and increased its product range with socks for running, cycling and triathlon. As can be seen, Eagle Socks stands out above all for its variety of bold and original designs and colors, as well as for the constant renewal of its product models. It is focused and committed to designing quality products for each sport, thus achieving durable products thanks to its materials. 

The brand understands sport as the disconnection of the day, the opportunity to enjoy ourselves and create our own moment. 

digital strategy

Eagle Socks has turned to Lifting Group for the development of a Strategic Plan in the digital channel for this new year 2021, with the aim of giving visibility to the brand in the Spanish market, as well as increasing the volume of its sales. The project, led by our Consulting team, has been in charge of analyzing all the assets and initiatives of the Digital Channel. Thanks to this previous analysis, the team has been able to identify the heat maps & sessions recording, define the different behavior patterns and identify possible improvements. 

For the achievement of this project we have also analyzed all the part of Paid Media as well as the Social Media audience, leading to identify some buyer persona and therefore, to define clear and consistent objectives. But that’s not all, the team has also focused on conducting an analysis of the main competitors in the market, to define the main KPI’s to work, as well as the study of keywords to work the positioning and trends of the main keywords related to the sector in which Eagle Socks moves. 

After this digital analysis focused on the user’s UX experience, the presence of the brand in the Digital Channel and its SEO positioning, 3 main objectives were defined: generate brand, improve UX and build loyalty. Under these objectives, a strategy has been designed according to the buyer persona, as mentioned above, detected in the analysis phase, with brand actions, product strategy, social media, web and collaborations, among others. 

All in all, Lifting Group has provided Eagle Socks with the final definition of the objectives and strategy, as well as the creation of a roadmap for its implementation. 

We appreciate the trust placed in the Eagle Socks team, and we are proud to have been able to develop a project like this. 



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