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Together with the Ferrer Abelló Group, we develop its communication plan and brand architecture.

Ferrer Abelló is a family holding company dedicated to the retail distribution of energy since 1965, with a total of 5 independent brands dedicated to the distribution of diesel and will soon launch its new multi-energy brand (electricity, gas and diesel). With a presence in Catalonia, Aragon, the Basque Country and Castilla-La Mancha, it has 38 physical points and more than 300 employees.

Its mission is focused on helping society to function, facilitating people’s energy consumption and ensuring that no consumer is left without energy. To this end, they base their activity and culture on 5 main pillars: agility, proximity, search for continuous improvement, simplicity and expertise.

The Ferrer Abelló Group has entrusted Lifting Group to develop a brand architecture strategy that defines the coexistence between the different brands that make up the group and allows creating a coherent and global communication both internally, under the challenge of transmitting and involving the team in the group’s value proposition; and externally, to effectively communicate each brand in their territories of influence.

The project, led by the Consulting team, has been carried out through an initial analysis phase with the objectives of: 

  • Identify the positioning of the group’s brands and their current communication.
  • Identify the target audience of each brand as well as their current touchpoints.
  • Analyze the competition 
  • Analyze the opportunities for synergies between the different brands of the group.

Under these premises, the team was able to focus on defining a brand architecture strategy, where each brand has its own channels, actions and messages, as well as opportunities to collaborate with its complementary brands. In addition, the necessary actions to implement this architecture were proposed, both at the level of reviewing digital and corporate resources and at the level of planning through an action plan.

At this point, the Ferrer Abelló Group is committed to the development and implementation of its communication, in order to be able to communicate as a group with the staff of its different brands in a homogeneous way and make them participants in it. To this end, we are excited to announce that Ferrer Abelló has trusted Lifting Group as its marketing partner to implement its communication plan: Since March, our Marketing Outsourcing team has been working to carry out internal and external communication actions for the group’s brands.

At Lifting Group we are committed to each and every one of our clients, to achieve the expected results and exceed expectations every day. 

We thank the Ferrer Abelló Group for the trust placed in us and the opportunity to grow together. 




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