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UX & UI Agency: Conversion at the core of Digital Strategy

Relying on a UX & UI agency means not only improving user satisfaction but also knowing in detail the profile of your potential customer. Improved usability and a positive user experience translates into an increase in conversions, which means an increase in sales.

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RiveKids, Lifting Group’s new SEO client

To improve its SEO positioning, RiveKids has relied on Lifting Group to boost its organic channel and make its products known to a wider audience. With this objective in mind, we have carried out a keyword study to find out which are the search terms most used by users, analysis of the competition and a new strategy where we will apply changes based on the data obtained to optimize the RiveKids website.

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ACL Direct Promo, new Marketing Outsourcing partner for Lifting Group Barcelona

ACL Direct Promo has decided to trust Lifting Group as its agency and Marketing Outsourcing Partner. Our team in charge of leading the project plans to develop a strategy completely suitable for ACL, taking into account its characteristics and needs.

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Digital consulting: Your best ally in digital transformation

Relying on a digital consultancy for your digital transformation will ensure that your company has the full support of a company expert in digital projects and solutions and thus face this challenge together.

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