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Cetaqua has Digital Marketing teams for the development of SEO Audit and Consulting projects

Cetaqua is a technological research and development center specialized in innovative solutions for sustainable water management. With over 20 years of experience, Cetaqua has become a benchmark in the sector, closely collaborating with various companies, institutions, and public organizations to address water-related challenges and promote effective and sustainable solutions for all.

Cetaqua aims to develop and execute R&D projects in the field of the integral water cycle, focusing on providing solutions to real problems for society, the business world, and administrations. Their objective is to become a reference center in the production, dissemination, and scientific transfer of knowledge acquired in the research of the integral water cycle.

Service Needs:

Cetaqua has approached Lifting Group seeking their expertise in marketing digital and web positioning strategies. The main objective of this collaboration is to conduct a web audit to identify improvement opportunities and optimize Cetaqua’s online presence. Additionally, work will be done on brand positioning related to key concepts defined by the company.

This SEO Audit and Consulting project will be carried out across the four independent entities that make up the Cetaqua ecosystem (Cetaqua Barcelona, Cetagua Chile, Cetaqua Andalucía, and Cetaqua Galicia), as well as on the two versions of the website (Spanish and English).

The collaboration between Cetaqua and Lifting Group in the SEO Audit and Consulting project represents an important step in enhancing Cetaqua’s online presence and strengthening its position as a reference in the field of integral water management. Through the implementation of SEO optimization strategies, Cetaqua will be able to increase its visibility in the online channel, reach a broader audience, and continue driving research and innovation in the water and environment sector.

Service Objectives:

The main objective of this alliance between Cetaqua and Lifting Group is to implement an SEO Audit and Consulting project that allows Cetaqua to:

  • Optimize its online presence.
  • Increase visibility in search engines.
  • Improve Cetaqua’s position in organic search engine results.
  • Enhance website usability and visibility.
  • Optimize the landing pages of the Life Cyclops and Life Warrior projects.
  • Increase qualified traffic and digital presence.
  • Establish the brand as a reference in the sector in the online channel.

What actions will we be implementing during the service?

Study and selection of keywords:

  • An analysis of the client’s current keywords will be conducted to understand how much and how the services offered by Cetaqua are being searched. This will help extract the keywords that the digital marketing team will work with.

Identification of main website sections:

  • The website will be segmented to identify which pages and sections can be more interesting to enhance

Optimización on-site:

  • Selected pages will be optimized, and all factors influencing positioning will be reviewed to align them with the selected keywords

SEO optimization of project landings:

  • During the service, the teams will work on optimizing the landings of Cetaqua’s projects, Life Cyclops and Life Warrior

Actions to be performed on the landings:

  • Study of keywords for each landing.
  • Analysis of on-page and on-site factors.
  • Optimization work.
  • Delivery of a document with Best Practices applicable to the landings of each project.

SEO optimization of YouTube videos:

  • Efforts will be made to optimize YouTube content and define Best Practices for future improvements as needed.

At Lifting Group, we sincerely appreciate the opportunity our clients give us to take on new challenges and gain greater expertise. We take pride in being able to undertake projects like this, which motivate and engage all our teams. We hope that our relationship with Cetaqua will be long-lasting, and we can continue embarking on future challenges that may arise.

Having a strategic partner capable of developing tailor-made solutions will ensure the competitiveness and future success of your projects.



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