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Good Business Practices at B Good Day 2023: Lifting Group’s Commitment towards Sustainability

At Lifting Group, we are proud to have participated in the event “B Good Day 2023“, a day of deep reflection on sustainability and corporate social responsibility. This meeting brought together renowned business leaders who shared crucial experiences and visions on the role of business in building a more sustainable future.

Strategic Speakers

Featured speakers included visionary leaders such as Mario Rovirosa, CEO of Ferrer; Ignacio Rivera, Executive Chairman of Hijos de Rivera; Laia Mas, Director of Corporate Affairs and Sustainability at Danone; José Luis Blasco, Director of Sustainability at Acciona; and Juan Naya, CEO of ISDIN, among others. Each shared their perspectives and the change of mindset they have implemented to foster more sustainable practices in their organizations.

Key Reflections: Vision for the Future and Collaboratio

Key themes addressed at the event included the importance of having a vision for the future, understanding where we are heading and being aware of the impact of our actions on the planet. Improving production processes to reduce the carbon footprint and the importance of joining forces to drive positive change were highlighted.

Success Story: ISDIN and CHIESI

A highlight was the presentation between Juan Naya, CEO of ISDIN, and Carmen Basolas, Director of Public Relations at CHIESI. Both companies, committed as B Corp, launched the #AhoraTuPiel campaign, raising awareness of the importance of photoprotection for transplant recipients. More than 70 transplant units across Spain will receive 2,500 photoprotection kits and specific advice on skin care for recently transplanted patients.

Commitment Lifting Group

At Lifting Group, these valuable lessons are not just words; they are guidelines that we will apply in our core business. We recognise the need to be agents of change and contribute to the well-being of the world. We are committed to implementing more sustainable practices in our daily operations, pledging to be a company that not only thrives in the world, but actively contributes to its betterment.


In summary, the “B Good Day 2023” was an intensive but enriching day that strengthened our commitment to corporate sustainability. We are grateful for the opportunity to have participated in this event, which has provided us with a clearer vision of our role as agents of change. Join us on this exciting journey towards a more sustainable future!

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Elisabeth Sala

Senior Brand Manager



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