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Cafès Pont relies on our Imagine Creative Ideas teams for the redesign of its website

Thousands of establishments and consumers trust Cafés Pont, one of the leading coffee brands in the national market. It is one of the main coffee-producing and marketing companies, with an annual production of over 1 million kilograms and exports to different countries in the European Union and Asia.

The company has been in the market for over 70 years, with a prominent presence in the Horeca Channel and Mass Distribution, through its 6 commercial branches (spanning Catalonia and the Balearic Islands).

Their increasing focus on the Digital Channel, along with creating a new approach to the comprehensive marketing management of the company, has led them to trust Imagine Creative Ideas and Marketing Outsourcing teams for the redesign of their website.

In a more global scenario, the Outsourcing teams are working on an omnichannel strategy, integrated into the Omnichannel Marketing Outsourcing Service, one of the most demanded by our clients. They are working closely with Cafés Pont’s marketing department to enhance and increase the brand’s visibility and reach to its audiences.

Imagine Creative Ideas has carried out the redesign of the new Cafès Pont website

As a 360 marketing team, we work with the client to plan the annual Marketing strategy, proposing all the necessary actions to achieve the agreed-upon objectives. We work from an action roadmap with semi-annual actions. One of the main challenges set during the last semester of 2023 was to give a new visual approach to Cafès Pont’s website, aiming to improve usability and image.

We wanted to showcase the current status of a brand that combines tradition and innovation, as well as experience and a long history in the coffee sector.

Under this premise, it has been redesigned to improve the user experience, both B2B and B2C, in addition to reinforcing the visual identity. This is a necessary action to boost ecommerce sales and reinforce the launch of new products, incentives, etc.

Cafés Pont launches a new optimized redesign with an updated identity

The website is focused on enhancing brand positioning, promoting Premium and Gourmet attributes through the optimization of visual identity, usability, and user experience.

Additionally, the content has been optimized to generate more engagement with formats adapted through:

  • New creativities and visually coherent content, with a focus on the new Premium and Gourmet positioning.
  • Sections segmented by target audience
  • Relevant functions according to user needs

New challenges for Cafés Pont: greater profitability and an increase in annual revenues

The website update is one of the commitments that the company has made alongside the Lifting Group Marketing Outsourcing team for this year, with a view to increasing annual revenues.

Through e-commerce, one of the main business generation assets, product sales will be enhanced, boosting Paid Campaigns to increase the opportunity for new transactions.

We are very pleased that a historical client like Cafes Pont has once again trusted us to plan and optimize their new website. We enjoy celebrating the successes of our clients, as they are also our successes.

We invite you to see the spectacular result of this new digital project.



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