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Lifting Group becomes a partner of GetResponse

GetResponse is an email marketing platform that extends beyond email functionality; it allows for the management of newsletters and autoresponders sent to subscribers. It serves as automation software, a webinar platform, a dynamic pop-up creator, a survey generator, cross-channel messaging with text messages, artificial intelligence, a page creator, and a CRM.

It is a system designed to enhance connections for businesses and has evolved over the years to become one of the most well-prepared and highly regarded options among users.

At present, GetResponse offers advanced features that streamline and optimize communication for its 400,000-plus clients worldwide, establishing itself as an international brand present in over 180 markets. Some of its notable clients include renowned brands such as Redbull, Ikea, Revolut, Carrefour, Zendesk, and others.

The partnership has been formed with the aim of helping businesses and clients of Lifting Group connect more effectively with their audiences through newsletters, email marketing campaigns, and SMS delivery.

Lifting Group will collaborate closely with the GetResponse team to implement advanced AI features, enhancing automation processes and maximizing results

Collaborating, Lifting Group and the GetResponse team will devise tailored strategies for different projects and clients within the group. Given that each project presents unique challenges and objectives addressed through database mailings, a customized strategy will be developed for each case, focused on maximizing goals and outcomes.

As a database expands, sending thousands of messages daily can be challenging. Nevertheless, developing a strategy with the right tool can simplify the process, contribute to conversion, and enhance the performance of various mailing lists.

Building on historical Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), strategies will be established to measure effectiveness, adjust performance, improve results, and additionally:

  • Expand the contact list: Capture contacts through subscription forms, pop-ups, landing pages, and native integrations.
  • Create valuable content with AI-based newsletters and autoresponders to strengthen connections with subscribers.
  • Utilize analytics to optimize campaigns with practical insights into email performance.
  • Implement automated interactions to retain customers through data-driven segmented marketing automation campaigns.
  • Synchronize and integrate data with major ecommerce platforms.
  • Promote products to the right customers based on their behavior and insights generated by AI.

What are the primary objectives of an email marketing strategy?

Email marketing has proven to be one of the most profitable strategies, yielding high returns on investment. It is one of the most widely utilized marketing tools to:

  • Increase leads and conversion rates.
  • Enable segmentation and delivery of personalized content tailored to the audience’s preferences or interests.
  • Provide closer communication with the audience, a critical factor in building trust among customers toward the brand.

Lifting Group is excited about this new collaboration with GetResponse, a perfect match that will continue to offer growth to our clients, emphasizing automation and the use of AI to optimize their campaigns.

For more information on optimizing your email marketing strategy through AI, as well as personalized automation for both emails and SMS, contact our team. We are eager to assist you.

Elisabeth Sala

Senior Brand Manager



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