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Lifting Group strengthens team synergies with a “HAKA” session at the summer corporate event

Last Friday, we celebrated the long-awaited summer corporate event. It was a perfect opportunity to bring together our teams from Lifting Group in Valencia, Madrid, as well as our Free Falling and Nutriexperts teams.

The event focused on implementing a Team Building activity to foster greater team cohesion, enjoy working together, and learn through friendly competition.

The chosen activity was a “HAKA” session, a traditional Maori dance known for its strength, expressiveness, and powerful vocalization. Led by experienced instructors, we immersed ourselves in the practice of this ancient tradition, combining energetic movements, challenging gestures, and inspiring chants. This activity was specifically designed to promote team cohesion, fostering a spirit of collaboration and personal growth among the participants.

At the beginning of the activity, the instructors explained the basic rhythm concepts so that we could collectively implement the Maori phonetics. Later, we divided into different teams, and each team prepared their own personalized Haka, incorporating elements that represent our company’s unique characteristics.

The most enjoyable part was when each group performed their personalized Haka, representing their team and showcasing the distinctiveness of our company.

The Team Building activity we engaged in not only provided moments of fun and enjoyment but also had a significant impact on the working dynamics of each team. The “HAKA” activity served as a catalyst for strengthening trust, emphasizing the value of attitude, and boosting motivation.

After the intense session, we enjoyed a fantastic meal where everyone could relax and share a more casual and laughter-filled moment of togetherness.

The objective of this gathering was not only to provide an enriching and memorable experience but also to create greater cohesion and relaxation among the different teams that make up Lifting Group, Free Falling, and Nutriexperts.

Cohesion was a fundamental element throughout the event as collaboration and teamwork were fostered in various activities and challenges. Participants learned to trust and support one another, overcoming obstacles and forging strong bonds. This cohesion not only strengthened personal relationships but also resulted in a greater sense of belonging and commitment to the company.

Competitiveness was also present at every stage of the event. Participants challenged each other to achieve the best results in the proposed activities, fueling their competitive spirit and drive for self-improvement.

In summary, our event successfully achieved its main objective of fostering cohesion, competitiveness, and personal growth among the participants. We provided an enriching and challenging environment that encouraged collaboration, stimulated healthy competition, and promoted personal and professional development. We are proud to have contributed to the participants’ growth and success, and we look forward to organizing similar events in the future to continue fostering their growth and achieving even more extraordinary results.



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