Zuvamesa is a company set up by Spain’s largest producers and exporters of citrus fruits, supported by professionals with extensive experience in the fruit juice industry. The company focuses mainly on the manufacture of NFC (not from concentrate) orange and tangerine juices, but also has a range of by-products such as pulp obtained during squeezing, essential oils and pellets for animal feed. Zuvamesa is a member of recognised associations related to the juice industry such as AIJN, IFU and SGF/IRMA and has the highest quality standards.

At Lifting Group we aim to boost the visibility of the website and enhance the usability by means of an  intuitive web design and make it available in several languages driving traffic both nationally and internationally, as well as proposing easy and direct access to the customer.


zuvamesa nueva web citricos


The brand’s main corporate colour, orange, acts as a connecting element when it comes to expressing this identity in the different categories and pages on the website. The white backgrounds add the minimalist touch that softens the image, since the abundance of photographs and text could overload it.

The new page is structured in six different categories with the corresponding sub-categories (as a drop-down menu) positioned in alignment with the header of each such menu. An easy way to access what the customer is looking for, or to classify the information if it is not a direct search. The implementation of a news section creates a periodic renewal of content that will help that page to achieve a better positioning from the point of view of Google.

At Lifting Group, we are very happy to be able, once again, to help tomorrow’s companies grow through the experience acquired in what we do today.



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