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Valorem, the new business valuation tool, has trusted Lifting Group for the development of its new website.

Valorem was created by a team of professionals with extensive experience in corporate finance and business valuation. Its purpose is to help companies and organizations in the execution of corporate operations, in the management of companies or in the management of shareholders’ equity, allowing its use to help them increase the value of their companies.

To this end, Valorem provides a quick and simple company valuation tool, which enables better decisions to be made and growth within the sector, through good practices that add value.

The starting point is a key question that any shareholder or senior manager should know and be able to answer: “What is the value of my company? Thus, the objective of the online tool is to help identify the value of companies in order to maximize it and improve corporate decision-making. 

Valorem has two products on its platform: free valuation and premium valuation. The former provides a company value obtained through simple calculations. The second one determines the value of the company through 3 valuation methods, and takes as a reference the business evolution forecasts in the coming years, apart from generating a more detailed and complete report. 

With the aim of helping other companies and organizations to create value, Valorem, has relied on Lifting Group for the development of its new website

For this new project they had the challenge of creating the brand from scratch and giving it its own identity, as well as creating an attractive and functional website for it, allowing them to offer a digital business valuation service in the simplest possible way. The project started with the branding of Valorem and continued with the design and development of its website. From the Strategic Consulting team, we were faced with the added challenge of generating a system through which to collect data and deliver the results in report format in the two types of valuation, all while ensuring the user a complete and professional experience. 

Once the website was published, a marketing strategy based on Paid Media, managed by our Digital Services team, was proposed in order to boost the business and increase the visibility of the corporate website to raise awareness of the project among its potential audience in the Spanish market. 

The Valorem platform, which was launched last March, is being very well received. We are deeply grateful to the Valorem team for the trust placed in us and for the privilege of having been able to contribute to the launch of the project. 

We hope to continue to be your partner in this project and in all those to come. We continue!

Thank you very much and much success!



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