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Lifting Group develops the new STC website.

STC, Sports Tourism Consulting, is a consultancy specializing in management, marketing and commercial outsourcing of destinations, tourism companies and sports leisure. 

They work in 3 specific areas: destinations, companies and events. In each one they develop all the services they offer: product planning and development, business development and commercial representation, marketing and communication, research and training and conferences. 

 The brand is inspired by the values of sport: effort, self-improvement, motivation, perseverance, self-control, discipline, spirit and teamwork, leadership, among others. 

Formed by a team of passionate professionals in tourism, sports, nature, technology, sustainability and marketing focused on planning and business development of companies and destinations of sports tourism and nature activities. 

In addition, the brand is committed to the community and society, as well as to the planet, allocating 1% of its turnover to social projects and collaborating in projects to help and educate children and in sustainable development projects through tourism.

STC contacted Lifting Group for the creation of a new website, which could easily explain with graphic content the operation of the different products and thus allowing the loyalty of potential customers. 

Thanks to our strategic consulting team, as well as our creative brother Imagine Creative Ideas and the information provided by the client, we were able to implement the project and achieve the expected results. 

The project was divided into three different phases: first, the structure review for the website, where it was necessary to define the scope of the web project, taking into account its different functionalities and main features so that the user experience would be complete. Next, the visual proposal phase of the project, in which a coherent structure was proposed, a functional analysis was made for the different devices and a graphic design was established in which the content was adapted to the client’s corporate image. And finally, the layout of the same. 

But the project did not end in the layout phase, since a posteriori test of the project was carried out in order to verify its correct positioning. In this last phase, some aspects were verified, such as the revision of the navigation, the configuration of the link with Google Analytics and its speed, and some functionalities such as forms and registrations.

At Lifting Group, we wanted STC to achieve with this project:

  • Greater brand and service visibility
  • Presence and reach in the different countries where they operate.
  • Greater engagement with its public.
  • Become a benchmark in the sector.
  • Capture potential clients.

Finally, after months of work and effort, the project has been a success and our client has been very satisfied

We would like to thank the involvement of all our teams who have made it possible, and of course the entire STC team, who have trusted us and have given us the opportunity to accompany us on this journey. 



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