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The secret of Inbound Marketing or how to reach a target audience without investing a fortune

Inbound Marketing Strategy is known because it gives marketing specialists access to actions, tools and strategies such as SEO, Social Networks, Online Reputation and Public Relations, that are very useful in promoting the brand. These are tools that enable the target audience to be very well segmented, and are characterized by a high return of investment.

Another characteristic of this approach is that Inbound Marketing is not annoying, nor invasive like traditional advertising. All communication and interaction with the target audience is completely thought out so as to offer the user exactly what they need at the moment in which they need it, without bothering them.

What is the secret to the resounding success of Inbound Marketing in the new internet age? How do we manage to capture the attention of millions of people, to make them adore a product that they did not even know of the day before, without investing millions in ad campaigns? Here we present some principles to help you understand the inbound philosophy a little better.

  • Tell your story, make it real and help it reach your potential client …

Content is still crucial: with it, we have to reach the potential client in a way that clearly puts across our story, the added value we bring, etc. Also, it has to be of quality and relevant for the target audience to value is as useful in their daily life. For the user to get in contact with your brand and evolve, even becoming the new face of the brand, you have to catch their attention with content that impacts them and triggers a change of their behavior.

  • Reach the target audience

To connect with the audience and offer them what they are really interested in, you must know them to perfection. Defining the target audience of your brand or product is one of the keys to success of Inbound Marketing. Do you know their tastes? Or what their preferences are for interacting with your brand and others? Name and personalize a client. Imagine what their dreams are, where they buy, what they like or why your brand, and the products or services you offer, could interest them. All of this will help you to have a clear idea of who your interlocutor is. From there, getting what they really need right will be much easier.

  • The buying process is alive

Now that you have the user clearly defined and you know what you have to offer them, you have to locate them in a buying context and identify at which point they are. Acquiring a new customer is very different to gaining their loyalty and making them your unconditional fan. Identifying this new variable as a key element will offer you more clues about what they may need.

  • Adjust the intensity

Precisely in order to turn a visitor into a client, you have to adjust the intensity of the content you offer and the story of you and your brand that reaches them. So that as they advance in this stage of knowledge, they obtain more and more valuable content on your product and/or service. The reason? To hold their full attention so that eventually they fall for you and never want to leave you.

  • Attraction and automation. More traffic, please!

There is no point in writing spectacular content if no one reads it. For this reason, you will need to attract as much traffic as possible to your website. Attract it with relevant and interesting content, at the right moment. To do this, there are tools that can help you to automate processes and actions that can help you direct traffic to your website. However, you must use the according strategy: you must define the objectives and appropriate sales funnel model, segment the audience (data and contacts), and define a testing and action workflow. Nowadays we have access to very powerful tools, capable of making very accurate predictions and estimations on lead behavior. As well as techniques such as Lead Nurturing that work to generate contacts that can become clients (if we can offer them what they really need at the appropriate moment).

  • Measure the results

From any action you make, you have to report figures that you can extrapolate and from which you can draw conclusions to redirect or redefine your Inbound Marketing strategy. Each action you carry out, each step in your strategy must offer you information that helps you to get closer to your goal.

Lifting Group’s Inbound Marketing

At Lifting Group we have our own methodology that enables us to become Strategic Partners to help companies to define their Inbound Marketing strategy. We carry out strategic Inbound Marketing actions that we complement with other Outbound Marketing actions to achieve measurable results and new success stories from day to day.

Lifting Group Inbound Marketing Success Stories

Our consulting team has defined actions centered on increasing the performance of clients such as SERHS, Eudec Food, Surania, Big Buy or Virtual Porn 360, helping them to grow and be successful on the Online Channel.



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