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Lifting Group, new strategic client of Marketing Outsourcing of Vallformosa

Vallformosa is a winery with 150 years of history, with a renewed and groundbreaking character, which has the vitality to conquer the international market. In its wines and sparkling wines, tradition, innovation, sustainability and differentiation coexist in all its aspects.

Its values ​​are focused on capturing and generating new knowledge (ideas, initiatives, proposals for improvement and innovation) and its team works to transform them into new processes, different organizational models, innovative products and services that can become new business models.

Currently, it has a presence in more than 50 markets and is the 4th producer of cava in the world, with a production of more than 14 million bottles per year.

Vallformosa is a company committed to sustainability, with a marked respect for the processes and care in the preparation of its products. Its motto is to obtain the best quality, minimizing the environmental impact and it has managed to meet this challenge with various actions, such as reducing water consumption in all its production and operational processes.

As partners that we are from Free Falling, the parent company of the group, being part of this project represents a natural step forward, which drives us to want to participate and experience first-hand the transformation of the wine sector.

Lifting Group’s strategic Marketing Outsourcing teams will work together to enhance the visibility of the brand, on the one hand, expand coverage and reach in the digital channel and identify, define and propose new digital sales channels.

For this project, the objectives that the team has set are focused on:

  • Visibility in the digital channel
  • Relevance and relationship with the audience
  • Monetization of the digital channel both B2B and B2C

In order to enhance brand visibility, the team has proposed and carried out certain key actions such as:

  • SEO optimization and web management, with the review and detection of possible points of improvement.
  • Content Marketing, carrying out the creation and drafting of a content plan according to the sector and the analysis of the brand. With these actions, what we will seek will be to capture the target audience through valuable content on the web and in the different digital channels.

From Lifting Group we are delighted to be part of this great project, in addition to contributing to the digital transformation and internalization of the company and the sector. A company with more than 150 years of history that has modeled itself as a Start Up to write its own future. We only hope to continue contributing our strategic vision and value to continue growing together in the achievement of new challenges and opportunities that the market may present.



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