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Ferrer Abelló Success Case – The Power of Change

Ferrer Abelló, the family-owned holding company dedicated to retail energy distribution, has managed to stand out in the market thanks to its commitment to society and its focus on facilitating energy consumption for people.

Since its foundation in 1965, the company has experienced constant growth and expanded its presence through its 6 independent brands: Petrolis, Enexia, Premira, Globergy, Ocuo, and Sergreen. Additionally, the group operates in 4 autonomous communities in the country: Catalonia, Aragon, Basque Country, and Castilla-La Mancha.

Throughout its 50-year trajectory, Ferrer Abelló has maintained its commitment to ensuring that no consumer is left without energy. With this purpose in mind, the company has developed a business model focused on five fundamental pillars: agility, proximity, continuous improvement, simplicity, and expertise.

As digitalization has transformed the way we live and work in recent years, this change has had a cross-cutting impact on both organizations and society.

The energy sector is currently undergoing a profound transformation, with many companies in the industry rapidly moving towards a model that involves adopting increasingly green technologies.

lifting group
lifting group

Ferrer Abelló and Lifting Group: A strategic alliance to evolve digitally

Since the beginning of 2021, Lifting Group has been accompanying Ferrer Abelló in developing a brand architecture strategy that defines the coexistence among the different brands that make up the group.

  • Petrolis

  • Enexia

  • Premira

  • Globergy

  • Ocuo

  • Sergreen

These actions will focus on creating a coherent and global communication, both internally, with the challenge of conveying and involving the team in the group’s value proposition, and externally, to effectively communicate each brand in their spheres of influence.

In addition, the teams have worked on defining a Communication Plan and implementing a brand strategy aimed at consolidating the corporate image and increasing the visibility of the independent brands that are part of the group.

Ferrer Abelló Group was in decline and particularly lacked digitalization and access to digital tools. With this premise, the Group faced a strong need to invest in a Strategic Digital Partner that would provide them with the opportunity to evolve digitally.

How did we approach the project for Ferrer Abelló?

We established the main objectives of the project based on the needs of the group, leveraging our expertise and industry know-how.

Main KPIs (Key Performance Indicators):

  • Identify the positioning of the group’s brands and their current communication.
  • Identify the target audience for each brand, as well as their current touchpoints.
  • Analyze the competition.
  • Work on a brand architecture for the 6 independent brands.
  • Propose and define a global digital marketing strategy capable of competitively disrupting the market.
  • Continue to drive digital transformation within the group.
  • Work on designing new websites for the different brands of the group with the aim of increasing visibility and enhancing Ferrer Abelló’s corporate vision.
  • Generate brand awareness to create greater cohesion and unity.

“At Lifting Group, we highly value
their professionalism in the
planning of any project
we undertake.
With the team, we have
the peace of mind and confidence
that challenges are overcome successfully ”

– Patricia Bono, CMO en Ferrer Abelló.

Ferrer Abelló | From Support to Value Creation

In the first phase of the project, a comprehensive analysis of the current situation of the Group was conducted. The main objectives were to identify the current positioning of the brands that are part of Ferrer Abelló and their communication approach, as well as to deeply understand the target audience of each brand and their current touchpoints with customers. Additionally, a detailed analysis of Key Competitors was carried out, and opportunities for synergies between the different brands within the Group were explored.

Our Lifting Group Consulting team led the second phase of the project, focusing on defining and working on a value proposition and brand architecture strategy that would allow each brand to have its own communication channels, actions, and messages. The necessary actions to implement this architecture were proposed, including the review of existing digital and corporate resources, as well as detailed planning through an action plan.

In this stage of the strategy, Ferrer Abelló Group has decided to focus on the development and implementation of unified communication, with the aim of conveying a coherent image and promoting the involvement of all employees from the different brands in their value proposition.

In the final phase, our Marketing Outsourcing teams have been working on carrying out internal and external communication actions for all brands within the group.

This strategic collaboration aims to achieve effective and consistent communication across all aspects of the company, increase the visibility of the different brands within the Group, and define a strategy focused on growing followers on various social media platforms.


Additionally, the team continues to optimize and enhance internal communication through various email marketing campaigns to communicate the latest company updates and strengthen the sense of belonging.

lifting group
lifting group

Some work done for Ferrer Abelló Group

In order to carry out all the necessary actions and achieve the established objectives and challenges, our Marketing Outsourcing teams, along with our Digital Creative Agency, Imagine Creative Ideas, have developed a variety of materials and resources to implement the proposed actions for the Group, both online and offline.

With the aim of strengthening the visibility and corporate communication of the Group, the teams decided to create various corporate materials capable of generating an impact on the perception of the different brands while being aligned with the defined branding strategies. Through their creation and design, we have achieved the expected visibility and recognition, both internally and externally.

Results Achieved:

  • With all the materials designed over the years, the Group has successfully enhanced internal news communication of the brand.
  • Development of a consistent brand strategy aligned with the target market.
  • Achievement of greater internal cohesion.
  • Implementation of various online and offline actions to increase the acquisition of potential customers, providing the Group with a wider reach and positioning it as a leading brand in the energy sector.
  • Increased brand visibility in the digital realm.
  • Creation of a corporate website that gives the brand a more attractive and user-friendly appearance, thereby increasing its visibility and prominence.

As a Strategic Partner, we accompany our clients throughout the entire process, from goal definition to action implementation.

We go the extra mile to help our clients grow and continuously improve. Our expertise and know-how enable us to define a comprehensive strategy and tackle any challenge that comes our way.



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