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Cacao Sampaka, new strategic Marketing Outsourcing project

Cacao Sampaka, was born in Barcelona in the year 2000 with the purpose of spreading the culture of cocoa, recovering the tasting of chocolate as a social custom and transmitting the passion for this legendary “food of the gods”. Cacao Sampaka, pays tribute to the journey that cocoa undertook, from Mesoamerica, its land of origin, where the Mayans cultivated the first plantations, to the different countries of the equatorial strip.

The brand makes and creates chocolate by hand from start to finish, from the selection of cocoa beans to the presentation of the product. They use real chocolate without preservatives or colorants and create a suggestive language of shapes and flavors. The traditional becomes cosmopolitan and the exclusive is enjoyed at affordable prices. It is for this reason that the brand has reformulated the concept of high-quality chocolate tasting to provide unique experiences.

The opening of the first store in Barcelona, ​​in December 2000, marked a revolution in the concept of traditional chocolate. From the first day it became a meeting point for chocolate lovers, who found not only a wide range of products, but also a pleasant space where they could taste them.

Its production philosophy is very clear, the brand seeks control of the entire process, from the selection of the cocoa bean to the sale to the final consumer. With this, they manage to ensure the quality of the products and at the same time have great freedom of creation and innovation, one of the company’s strengths.

Cacao Sampaka has relied on our strategic Marketing Outsourcing team in order to support and improve the current marketing strategy, improve communication with its customers, and work on brand visibility and notoriety with a set of strategic actions in the Channel. Digital.

The team in charge of leading the project will work to define a visible brand strategy with which to be able to disseminate it in the appropriate channels, will analyze the different actions that have been carried out so far, will propose a scenario to work on to further enhance growth of the brand’s business at a national level, it will define an omnichannel strategy to boost traffic at the geolocation point of sale and a brand and product visibility strategy.

What actions have been proposed in the Digital Channel?

  • A schedule of key seasonal campaigns will be established in the sector in which the brand operates, in addition to launching an action plan for each of them through Paid campaigns.
  • A social media strategy will be defined for the different channels to work on.
  • Optimized SEM and Social Media Ads campaigns will be implemented to attract new leads that will lead to greater business growth.
  • A personalized email marketing strategy will be defined and implemented with the purpose of acquiring, retaining and activating potential clients and retaining the current ones.

At Lifting Group we work through selective strategies. We have a unique methodology adapted to each client to achieve successful results in the shortest possible time. This methodology allows us to combine the use of new technologies in the organization and management of time thanks to our expertise and Know How of multidisciplinary teams.

Having a technical partner capable of developing customized technological solutions will ensure the competitiveness and future performance of your projects.

We are very happy to embark on this new project, which will undoubtedly be an opportunity to pave the way for new opportunities for growth and professional development.



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