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Enersola, new Marketing Outsourcing client for Lifting Group

Enersola has 20 years of experience in the renewable energy sector. Originating in Chile and since 2017 in Barcelona, ​​they have always opted for a more sustainable future.

The company is specialized in the design and installation of solar photovoltaic systems and the development of solar thermal and photovoltaic projects of all kinds, from cooling to heating, self-consumption and isolated type.

They have a highly trained team with extensive experience in the design, installation, maintenance and legalization of solar thermal systems.

Enersola Energía is firmly committed to changing the paradigm of the energy market. Therefore, each project is a great commitment. Not only with its customers, but with the needs of the planet. The company sums up this commitment perfectly with its motto: “The energy, better if it is solar”.

His country of origin, Chile, is a world leader in the implementation of solar energy, that is where he began his professional career in the renewable energy sector, founding Enermine, in 2012.

Enersola has decided to trust our Marketing Outsourcing Barcelona team to define and implement a visible brand strategy with which to spread the word on the appropriate channels. Our Marketing Outsourcing Barcelona team, in charge of leading the project, will focus on developing a clear strategy that is fully adapted to the needs, characteristics and particularities of Enersola Energía’s current business model.

The team will be in charge of carrying out an analysis of the sector and the market in order to understand it in its entirety in order to subsequently develop a strategy in accordance with the current values ​​of the company and focused on the growth and increase in brand awareness of its assets in the Digital Channel. as well as the implementation of a lead capture strategy for potential potential clients of the company and a loyalty and personalized service strategy for current clients.

What actions in the Digital Channel will the team carry out?

  • Content strategy to achieve greater engagement with your audience, allowing you to generate more quality traffic
  • SEO and SEM positioning strategy with the clear objective of increasing brand visibility
  • Develop a Marketing plan to identify the Buyer Persona, Customer Journey, SWOT, competition, etc., in order to establish a roadmap and have a base to work with.
  • Email Marketing strategy to retain potential customers.
  • Preparation of graphic pieces and designs so that Enersola can make use of them in the different communication channels, and be able to promote and generate even more visibility.

At Lifting Group we work through selective strategies. We have a unique methodology adapted to each client to achieve successful results in the shortest possible time. This methodology allows us to combine the use of new technologies in the organization and management of time thanks to our expertise and Know How of multidisciplinary teams.

Having a technical partner capable of developing customized technological solutions will ensure the competitiveness and future performance of your projects.

From Lifting Group, we are very grateful that Enersola Energía has trusted us as its Strategic Marketing Outsourcing Partner. We hope that this relationship will last for both parties and that we can grow together hand in hand.



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