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Grupo Hob & Lifting Group, add synergies in the digital transformation for companies in the province of Alicante.

The expansion and growth of a company is always a reason for improvement. It means that the business works and that customers respond. Under this premise, we are proud to announce our partnership with the consulting firm Grupo Hob, in order to provide strategic value in the digital transformation of customers through fully customized diagnostic audits. 

This agreement will channel the knowledge and implementation of such digital transformation for companies in Alicante, designing audit processes to diagnose the degree of digitization of the business of the participating companies, based on marketing, communication and sales strategies. 

Giving way to the Digital transformation

Despite being continuously seen as a business revolution, digital transformation is more easily within reach than you can imagine for many companies that still suffer from transforming their unstructured data into a business asset that can provide relevant information for the company. 

Our main ambition is to be able to offer advanced digitization solutions to all those companies that need it or are looking to enhance aspects of their business that they had never considered before. At the same time we seek to gain a better understanding of the desires and needs of each of our clients, offering them a service 100% customized to their type of business, knowing that these tailored recommendations are the added value of this partnership.  

Our priority? The commitment to support all these companies in each of the stages of their journey towards digital transformation

About Grupo Hob 

Grupo Hob was founded in 2009 with the aim of providing consulting, tax, labor and accounting services to companies and individuals. Company characterized and differentiated by having a management team with a long and extensive practical experience in management positions and positions of responsibility in relevant companies, providing an operational view of the issues, effective decision making and the elimination of common contingencies in business activity.  It has three business areas that allow it to offer the client a very wide and complete range of services. The combination of them generates a unique added value in the assistance of any of its services: Advisory, Advocacy and Consulting. 

Its mission and vision of the consulting firm, focuses on providing companies, businesses and individuals the possibility of receiving quality advice, helping to achieve their goals through the three divisions of the company. They also work to become a reference in each of the activities they perform for society, especially for customers.

About Lifting Group

Lifting Group, founded in 2007, is a strategy and marketing consultancy and agency, with presence in Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia, London, Paris and Miami. A global group, with the aim of helping companies and organizations to respond quickly and effectively and to lead market dynamics. Focused on achieving the objectives and challenges of all clients. Involved to the maximum to offer answers and results to the challenges of dynamizing, selling, growing, diversifying, improving and increasing. 

“Growth is based on restlessness and curiosity. And how we solve both, in a way that is aligned with our objectives” – David Garcia | CEO & Co-Founder Lifting Group.



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