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Creating a social media strategy, where to start?

Nowadays it is more than usual for companies to invest time and resources in different social media; they have become a very effective communication tool that allow us to be in direct contact with our audience, so creating your marketing strategy will be vital.

Each platform has its own personality and communication style, it is necessary to investigate them before producing your professional profiles and assessing whether the time and effort spent will have a return on your goals.

In the following post of our blog, we will try to clarify your queries on how to start with your social media strategy, defining its main features so you can easily choose where to have a presence.


First of all, what should I look out for?

Once you have decided that you want to use these tools, a good way to filter your selection is to think about the following points:

What social media do my customers use? What about my competition?

Does my company fit in this social media?

What goals do I want to achieve?

How much am I willing to invest?

Once you have answered these questions, you will have a clearer idea on which sites you want to be present in in order to interact with your target audience. At this point it is essential to set business targets that will determine our future decisions.


Which social media is best for my company?

Now your ideas are clearer and with a minimum knowledge of social media, it is time to choose which ones your business will be present on.



This is the most used social media in the world and has more than 2.74 billion users. Its main character is to talk about leisure and personal topics, so most of the active accounts show their more intimate side, commenting on events of their daily life and/or interests.

A great advantage is the ease it offers to create customised campaigns, add external links and the tools at our disposal, where results can be measured quickly, publications can be scheduled or comments can be answered in a simple, convenient way. All this allows us to measure results simply and generate traffic to our website or other applications.

It works very well with B2C businesses, customers use it in their free time and this can create a very strong bond with your brand. If your project is B2B, it is probably difficult to entertain your customers, so there are other options that will be more effective in meeting your targets.



This is a very visual and youthful platform since 71% of the users are under 35 years old. It is very powerful for promoting your products or services due to its high interaction rate and ease of liking, commenting or sharing.

Here it will be interesting to create a profile of your company if you are able to build quality graphic material because posts are images or short videos. It also contains several tools for professionals, such as creating a shop directly on your profile, generating metrics about your posts and creating ads.

A good Instagram profile can drive more traffic to your website, bring you closer to your audience and reflect your business culture. Statistics indicate that 50% of users follow at least one business.

If your buyer persona is not in a youth sector or you cannot generate images that are related to your activity, it is not advisable to use this tool as it would be a waste of time and effort.



Founded in the United States in 2006, this is the social network of immediacy and dynamism, where 92% of companies tweet more than once a day. Messages are constantly being written about trends or events that are happening at that very moment. It will be interesting to create a profile of your business if it is subject to trends or regular changes, because you need to be very active in your posts to maintain a good profile.

It is also ideal to achieve quick, direct communication with your followers, you can use it to make inquiries, notify news or even as a customer service channel. Regular internet surfers follow an average of five companies, so you have a good chance.

For companies that do not need an active means of communication, do not have time to invest in management or have other channels to serve customers, it is not advisable to prioritise the use of Twitter.



This stands out for being a social network in which we find professional, informative content. Its great feature is that it can help you create professional relationships quickly, which is very interesting if your company is dedicated to B2B.

You will be able to generate credibility and a professional brand image by sharing news or projects in which you are involved, post information, make contact with important professionals in your sector or even create job offers.

The fact that LinkedIn is a work and professional type network means that it is not for everyone. If your goals are to increase the number of fans, generate engagement with your content or receive many interactions, we do not recommend prioritising this communication channel.



 100 billion hours of videos are viewed on this website every day, so it will be interesting to create a profile on this social media if this is your main communication system. In order to gain presence, long-lasting content must be generated to reach as many accounts as possible. It can be used to explain how your products work, share news or show the personality of your business.

YouTube is not often used by companies due to the investment of time and money that is necessary to maintain an active account, therefore, it can be a way to differentiate yourself from your competitors. If you are able to address topics of interest to your followers it will also help you to improve your organic positioning in search engines, since many people use it as if it were just another search engine.



This appeared in 2016 and with more than 2 billion downloads it is already the seventh most used social media on the planet. It allows you to edit and share short videos, so it is important to capture your audience’s attention quickly.

6 out of 10 young Americans use this application in which videos with dance choreographies, humorous content, challenges or informative videos are popular.

It is a social network with a very adolescent essence, so this will be a decisive value when deciding if you want to gain presence in this app. If it fits your ideal target, you can take advantage of it to provide your followers with valuable content and shed light on your products or services.



We could define Pinterest as a visual discovery website, where users add photographic material to their profiles that can help others in their projects or interests. It has a mature , professional personality and the profiles generate an image of perfection.

More than half of the users are women, specifically 68.2% and usually over 25 years of age. This social network is very useful for businesses that can create photos with their products, such as e-commerce that sell their products or companies in the fashion industry.

You must be clear about the categories you are going to post in order to use this tool, your images must be high quality and you will have to invest time in commenting, valuing other people’s content and sharing material in order to generate interesting contacts.



Finally, we attach a table with the intention of summarising the audience of each social network:

Social Media Target Type of content Format
Logo Facebook: valor, história, png, vector This is mostly used by adults aged 40-55 years for entertainment Leisure, personal life, trends Text with images or videos
Young and lively 15-30 year olds looking for attractive visual content Visual, experiences, news Photographs or short videos with a short description
Twitter logo - Federación Castellano Manchega de Espeleología y Cañones For young people and adults aged 15-40 who want fast, fluid communication News, views, events Short text with links and image or video
Linkedin Logo - LOGOS de MARCAS This is used by 25-35 year olds looking for companies and contacts to improve their professional profile. Job news, statistics, projects and/or achievements Text with images or videos
Archivo:YouTube social white square (2017).svg - Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre 25-45 year olds who intend to find information or entertainment. Information, experiences, events, corporate videos Medium-long videos
Logotipo de Tiktok (logotipo png) Teens and 15-25 year olds wanting to watch fun content and learn about the latest trends Humorous content, trends, news, news, novelties, etc. Short videos
El logo de Pinterest se renueva con una nueva tipografía People between 25-45 years old looking for aspirational ideas Ideas, interests, hobbies, events Images, Animations


We hope our guidelines have helped you better understand which social media to be present on. If you are interested in promoting your company on these platforms and need advice, at Lifting Group we have more than 15 years’ experience in the sector and we will help you increase your business through the Digital Channel.



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