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Lifting Group, 15 años construyendo el futuro juntos

This June we celebrate our 15th anniversary, 15 years helping companies respond quickly and effectively, lead market dynamics and grow successfully.

A story that was born from the hands of David Garcia, Rodrigo Cernadas and Josep Gaspar, co-founders of Lifting Group in 2007. Its beginnings began in Sabadell, an industrial city near Barcelona, ​​where they later moved to Sant Cugat (HQ Barcelona) and also expanding to Madrid and Valencia with integrated teams in all of them. The challenge was and still is, to transform the industry of marketing agencies and business consultants, becoming a unique Partner, which is involved with passion and commitment from start to finish, both in defining and implementing the strategy and That is why we can say that this is our Why. During this long journey and in each cycle in which we have found ourselves, we have set ourselves the challenge of improving our methodology and services, as well as the challenge of growing steadily and offering our clients added value.

In addition, at Lifting Group, just as we develop our strategic plan, we always approach challenges with a very clear focus that allows us to work together with the client to achieve their objectives in a way that generates a sufficient base to propose the following scenario.


Our values, passion and commitment, is what defines us as a company, because we are passionate about proposing challenges and achieving new milestones. We put our five senses into each project to respond to the needs of our clients and we strive every day to transform a promise into a reality.

At Lifting Group we have been offering strategic consulting services for years, providing solutions and strategies capable of generating performance opportunities to guarantee maximum investment, through implementable strategies. In 2007 we were pioneers in Spain in offering Marketing Outsourcing services, complete or partial outsourcing of a marketing department, a solution for most of today’s companies. Today one of the reference service verticals within our group.

Throughout these years we have managed to go from being one of the first Digital Marketing agencies certified by Google in Spain thanks to our effort, our passion and commitment to our clients, to achieving since 2016 one of the highest levels of recognition granted by Google. the platform, the Google Partner Premier badge.

Our creative agency, Imagine Creative Ideas, has also seen a relevant strategic boost within our group giving much more weight to services as an agency independent of the services of the Lifting teams, obtaining recent recognitions such as, for example, the Anuaria Gold award. for the best Naming and Branding of the 2021 national graphic design awards with the Woofit brand.

In addition, among all the challenges and initiatives with which we constantly work, there is our Lifting Group Academy, of which we are immensely proud, where we promote specialized internal and external training, with the aim of achieving a cohesive team that is updated with the latest trends and methodologies. of LiftingGroup.

During these last years, we have strengthened ourselves on defined concepts and pillars that we have been consolidating thanks to our expertise and desire to do it well and that now allow us to look forward to the next challenges that we have marked in our 2023 Strategic Plan.

What our CEO says:

In June 2007, together with my partner Rodrigo Cernadas, we started a project full of enthusiasm and passion, with a very simple but at the same time complex objective: Help our clients to be able to sell more, more efficiently and help them achieve their objectives. And I say sell, because we were clear that the end, at that time, was the business and its sustainability.

Over time, we have learned that it is not only business, but also people, relationships and the environment. That is why, from the beginning, we realized that this objective of helping involved becoming partners with our clients instead of service providers. And that in 2007 (even today…) was in many cases a disruption, so we set out to transform the industry of Consultants and Agencies, linking up with our clients in a closer way…in the kitchen where the strategies and be a fellow traveler.

In that 2007 we were pioneers in Spain by offering our Marketing Outsourcing service, we incorporated a Digital Marketing vertical when websites were still made because they had to be, but no one knew why. We were one of the first agencies to have Google certifications, we have received recognition, awards and, most importantly, friends and a lot of experience… in 15 years we have experienced various global and local crises, good times, bad times… but in a remarkable way we have learned and managed to come out stronger every day. Which brings me to Onassis’s phrase that said, “We must free ourselves from the hope that one day the sea will be calm. And we must learn to sail with strong winds”

Thanks for the journey for those who are, have been and those who will be… Let’s continue!!!

David Garcia-Gelabert

CEO and Co-Founder of Lifting Group



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