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Digital Kit, a new opportunity to digitize your company

On November 25, the virtual presentation of the Digital Kit Program of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation took place through the organization red.es, where more than 200 entities interested in learning about the latest news on aid for transformative processes gathered.

Lifting Group in its homologation process as a provider of the Acelera Pyme and Digital Kit programs and adhesion as Digitizing Agent will allow us and enable us to sign collaboration agreements with the beneficiaries and accompany them in all their digital transformation processes, implementing strategic and technological solutions.

What is the Digital Kit?

The Digital Kit program is included in the aid of the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan. It is financed by the European Union through Next Generation EU funds.

This initiative was born to support and promote the digitization of one million SMEs and freelancers in Spanish territory so that they can access new markets and develop their full potential. Medium and small companies will be, in this case, the recipients of the Digital Kit. The 3,000 million euros that will be distributed among the beneficiary companies until 2023 will be allocated to them.


What is the purpose of the 2022 Digital Kit Grant?

This program aims to help SMEs and Self-Employed in their Digital Transformation. Its objective is to subsidize the implementation of digital solutions available on the market, to improve competitiveness and the level of digital maturity, in addition to its technological development.


Characteristics of the Digital Kit Voucher

The most significant features offered by this bonus for the digitization of freelancers and SMEs are the following:

  • It can be used by companies and professionals to acquire digital solutions already available on the market in areas such as the development and management of web pages, internet presence, e-commerce, customer management, cybersecurity, supplier management and digital office.
  • Until 2023, various calls for aid will be launched, segmented by company size. The first, with an investment of 500 million euros, will be aimed at SMEs with between 10 and 49 workers.
  • Digitizing agents will be invited to bid on digitizing solutions for businesses.
  • The Digital Kit program is part of the Recovery Plan, the 2021-2025 SME Digitization Plan and the Spain Digital Agenda 2025, and aims to improve the level of digitization of the productive fabric in order to increase the scale of companies and its productivity, promote internationalization and the creation of quality employment.


What is a Digitizing Agent?

The digitizing agents of the Digital Kit Program are the companies in charge of making the presentation of the technological services selected in the Catalog of Solutions for Digitization. They will provide the technological solutions and services that SMEs and the self-employed need to benefit from the Digital Kit program to advance in the digitization of their businesses.

As previously mentioned, this participation as a digitizing agent provides the opportunity to sign collaboration agreements with the beneficiaries in their digital transformation processes.


What categories of digital solutions are included in the grant items?

These digital solutions may be chosen from a wide catalogue, initially identifying ten categories.

  • Website and online presence
  • Electronic commerce
  • Social Network Management
  • Customer and/or supplier management
  • Business Intelligence and Analytics
  • Virtual office services and tools
  • Process management
  • Electronic bill
  • secure communications
  • Online Cybersecurity

What companies can be beneficiaries of the Digital Kit?

Companies whose domicile is located in the national territory and have less than 50 workers may be beneficiaries of the Digital Kit Program. 3 different segments are established based on the number of employees:

  • Segment I: Small companies or Micro-companies with between 0 and less than 3 employees (€2,000)
  • Segment II: Small companies or Micro-companies between 3 and less than 10 employees (€6,000)
  • Segment III: Small companies between 10 and less than 50 employees (€12,000)

Once they receive the bonus they will have six months to use it in up to five one-year services. The aid will be paid in two tranches, a first that will cover 70% at the time of purchase and a second, 30%, when the period of use has passed, to validate that it has been used for this purpose and that the relationship and use have been maintained.

The future in the management of any SME goes through the incorporation of new digital tools that allow it to optimize the management of all its processes.

From Lifting Group we will inform you of any news that may arise in this or future grants associated with the Next Generation EU funds.



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