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Indo Optical trusts Lifting Group as its Marketing Partner for the Portuguese market

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Indo Optical is a Spanish company with a global presence, dedicated to the design and manufacture of ophthalmic lenses and the marketing of capital goods for opticians and ophthalmologists. The brand is a benchmark in the sector and has more than 80 years of history thanks to which they have built a portfolio of innovative products, supported by the most advanced technology to create true references in the current optical market.

They form a human team where their main premise is to work together, putting the maximum effort into achieving a leading company in the market. Its work methodology has a clear vocation for service and a constant search for consumer satisfaction, through the development and production of high value-added products.

Since its inception, Indo has pursued a clear mission; build a team where the passion and effort to work together allows them to become the leading company that they are today.

INDO’s history dates back to 1937, founded in the city of Seville (Spain) by the Cottet brothers, who invested in the optics sector and soon achieved leadership throughout Spain. Since its appearance on the market, Indo has been at the forefront of technology and design. In the 50s and 60s the company began to experience strong growth thanks to the manufacture of frames, sunglasses and optical glass.

Indo Optical has decided to trust Lifting Group as its Marketing Outsourcing Partner. The team in charge of carrying out the project plans to carry out a study of the current market as well as the creation of a strategy to gain market share in the Portuguese market.

The strategy agreed and ready to start, will combine the implementation of a series of actions in the Digital Channel, B2B, Field Marketing and PR actions. Each and every one of the actions proposed and agreed with the client are focused on achieving the desired brand positioning as well as attracting potential clients for the brand.

With this precedent, our Outsourcing team will work on an omnichannel geolocated strategy in order to generate synergies between all the company’s channels.

In a first phase with the client, the team was able to collect information on the Portuguese market provided by the client on the current position of the brand, volumes sold, positioning and commercial supports, as well as the main competitors.

Thanks to this information, the team carried out a market study and analysis of the positioning of the sector, to position itself in the Portuguese market. These insights will be used to subsequently propose the proposed recruitment strategy.

When the client decides to trust us, we provide the expertise and proactivity not only to identify, but also to implement, thus making Lifting Group its strategic Partner in the Marketing Outsourcing area.

One of the key aspects of the Marketing Outsourcing service is to correctly size the team according to the needs and objectives of your company. We also offer the possibility of being able to adapt the needs, skills and the size of the team as they may grow or if the objectives of your company are modified.

From Lifting Group we appreciate once again the opportunity that our clients give us to be able to continue building new challenges and continue acquiring greater expertise. We are proud to be able to develop a project like this, which motivates and engages all of our teams. We hope that this relationship with Indo Optical is long-lasting and we can continue to share this path together.



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