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We have moved! New Lifting Group office in Valencia!

Lifting Group Valencia has decided to move and open a new office in Wayco Ruzafa, located at Calle Almirante Cadarso 26, a central area of the city of Valencia. Moving is always a challenge, especially if it involves changing your work area, but at the same time it is an exciting move full of expectations. For us it will not only help us to grow internally as a company but also professionally, so that this growth translates into a better service to our customers

The new office is located in a recently refurbished former printing plant with stimulating creative spaces, leisure areas, cafeterias, meeting rooms and more. 

This change will allow us to enjoy facilities with better communal spaces, where we can meet, relax and work more flexibly. This is a new stage full of new projects and challenges, which will help us to accommodate the growth and volume that the group is experiencing. 

We would like to thank the entire Lifting Group Valencia team for their understanding, hard work and of course dedication throughout this process. 

And from the looks of it, it seems that our team is more than happy with the decision!

There’s nothing like having a happy team. 



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