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November Editorial: Finish 2016 strongly

Before plunging into parties, congratulations, presents…we have just finished the whirlwind of  Black Friday, the kick-off to the Christmas season.

It is not known for sure where this snowball started, its beginning dates back to Philadelphia streets around 1961. Black Friday has become the new “ode to consumption” and an extra incentive for sales at this time of year.

We live in a global market where everything goes at lightning speed. We neither remember when we got our first mobile or the day we accessed the Internet for the first time (even if it is not so long ago). However, it has not been the same with Black Friday shopping that began in 2005. It is surprising to see that in Spain and Europe it has taken about a decade to embrace it as an unmissable date in our calendar.

Consumption is the thermometer of a country’s economy and analysing the sales results of many or most customers, we can say that this year Black Friday has been a resounding success and has served to improve the trend for November.  People have waited to to benefit from discounts and this must be useful for us to reflect on the importance of defining a clear strategy to strengthen the price and discount policy so as to avoid stagnation in seasonality. Working on seasonality better, with product launches/product categories, will also help increase global sales.


We finish November and this makes me think that Lifting Group is coming up to its 10 year anniversary.  It is a good time to stop and think about what, and occasionally, it is time to laugh about the hardships and celebrate successes. Before reaching the anniversary, allow me to share some of the Lifting Group’s successes this November, like, for example that we are already Google Partner Premier, which places us among the top agencies for digital expertise.  We are also Bing Partners and this November we also launched 6 relevant digital projects.

Furthermore, we have had interesting contents published in relevant Marketing and company media that we also share on our website. There are more things that although we would love to, we cannot yet reveal …
At the moment we are still finalising the definition of the strategy for 2017 and budgets, for both Lifting Group, as well as for many of our customers. Finishing 2016 strongly to have a better 2017.




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