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Nutralie trusts Lifting Group and Imagine Creative Ideas for the restyling of the brand.

Nutralie was born in 2018 with the aim of transforming the food supplements industry with an innovative and totally consumer-centric proposal. The brand focuses on creating products with the well-being and balance of its customers in mind. 

From the beginning, the brand decided to redefine its business model, starting by getting to know the consumer well and treating them as the company’s priority, in order to subsequently offer the best products and models, thus meeting the needs of its customers. 

To achieve this challenge, the first thing Nutralie did was to study and analyze, especially through the digital channel, how the customer was, as well as their lifestyle and needs, developing smart data models to be able to offer a unique formulation with the best raw materials globally.

The brand is committed to making a selection of each ingredient to ensure quality from the origin, seeking that its customers can have the best possible experience. Research, development and control are its basic principles.


Our creative agency, Imagine Creative Ideas, has been in charge of implementing the restyling of the brand, developing a Corporate Brochure as a visual support to enhance the knowledge of Nutralie and to share at the same time its approach and methodology. The ideation of this Brochure is a presentation tool, where the brand has the opportunity to show itself as it is and at the same time promote the brand’s products in an attractive and friendly way. 

The design team proposed the corporate document in two parts. The first part detailed the history of the brand and the second part creatively presented the entire range of products, specifying the ingredients, benefits, nutritional values and instructions for use. 

The objective was to present the brand and all the elements that make it unique and special in an attractive way. The Brochure, besides showing the brand as a young, dynamic partner with growth potential, allows the reader to value the quality of Nutralie.

As detailed above, in the second part of the document, the focus was to work and expose in a clear and transparent way each and every one of the products offered by the brand, so that the user has all the information about use and functionality. 

All this information has been structured in such a way that the visual composition is clean and that each product has a unique background and pattern. Translated into several languages such as English, French and Italian to make this catalog as global as possible. 

Working with Nutralie and being part of its growth is one of the reasons why we love what we do. Being part of our customers’ history is a great success for us. We hope to continue on this path for many years to come.

We keep growing, we keep learning!



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