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October Editorial: Last quarter of the year

As we enter the last quarter of the year we experience a rush of projects, deliveries and campaigns… And this October has been no different. In addition, we’ve had good and bad news: we lost the trust of one of our longest term clients, in fact, one of the first. And that of course was troubling,  at least for me personally, as there was a very very close, almost familial relationship.

I also know that talking about losing a client is maybe not the best thing to do in an editorial like this, as our clients also read it. But as I said in my first editorial in March, I want to share the situations we encounter and our personal views on how to deal with them. And that includes both the good and bad news.

I also believe that highlighting these situations and analyzing them, helps us improve, is positive and makes us stronger! I have had the chance of listening to and analyzing the General Directorate’s thinking processes and perceptions. I’ve also been able to detect some things to improve and others which, while not being points of improvement, help create a picture of how one is seen as a partner from the other person’s perspective. On the other hand, I have also been able to analyze factors that in one way or another can cause a relationship not to flow as expected by both parties. In this case, I am convinced that it’s a see you soon rather than a farewell and that Lifting Group has provided value and has helped generate business.

October also brought us some good news, additions, new customers and interesting meetings in Miami, where both Rodrigo Cernadas (COO and co founder of Lifting Group) and I, were advancing projects and relationships with clients. In addition, we are continuing with steps to consolidate our new office there and the first in the USA, which has been a great thrill. We took advantage of the trip to lay the groundwork for the objectives of Lifting Group in 2017 and the strategic decisions that we can implement in the coming months. Also, note that in Barcelona we now have a second office, located in the same building, where the Corporate team has moved.

October: 31 days, a lot has happened and much more still to come..

Let’s go!



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