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September Editorial: Back to work, moving on with extra energy

I have always considered September to be a strange month. I suppose it’s because there’s still a blend of remembering the holidays, of taking up projects set aside in July and August anew, and getting new ones under way. But in the end, in a lot of cases, you end up squeezing everything into the second half of the month and without realizing, you end up making the first half of October longer.




In our case, in the first half of September, we were able to attend the Google Partner Premier Awards and the Premier Accelerate Event. We have started new projects, whether with Outsourcing clients, Digital Projects, On Demand and Consultancy clients, so as you can see, there’s a lot of positive engagement from the teams, who in addition are already immersed in the change of organizational model by services offered:

Consultancy | Marketing Outsourcing | Services On Demand

This has turned September into a month with the feeling I mentioned at the beginning, but at a very very high intensity. By good fortune we arrived ready and with our batteries charged. That extra energy which new challenges give us; a mixture of respect and optimism for something new and better.

We are moving towards #LIFTING18/20



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