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October Editorial: Preparing for the end of the year

It’s the 30th of October and another month has passed. We’re approaching the end of the year and it will then be time to take stock for 2017. We hope it will be positive, although there are still two more months which should boost businesses a lot; the campaigns of Black Friday, Christmas, New Year and, in Spain, Epiphany, are coming up. Good dates to end up reaching figures for a year which, in general, looks as though it will end on a positive or fairly positive note for the majority of our clients.

In our case, at Lifting Group, we have had an October in which we have implemented the new team organization at the Barcelona office, and we have also taken on new “lifters” this month, October, and 4 more now at the beginning of November.

<p>The family is growing and we are delighted to be taking on people who share our values completely and arrive eager to contribute to our objective: <strong>to become the perfect partner for our clients</strong>, helping them not only at the level of strategy, but also in its implementation, to succeed in making their business and presence grow.</p>
<p>I think we are creating a wonderful team at Lifting Group and<strong> I am very satisfied, as the level of engagement, the striving to bring added value to the client proactively, is excellent!</strong></p>
<p><strong>Let’s carry on!</strong></p>
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