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New recruits

The Lifting Group family is growing, and we welcome Begoña Sanahuja, Blanca  Matas, Nancy Pioquinto and Joan Carreras, who will be spending a period as interns here at Lifting Group.

We at Lifting Group are a young but well-prepared team, we like creativity and seek perfection in every project. All of us here at Lifting Group share these values, which are what unite us and drive us. Therefore, we always choose people who share these values to form part of our family. We’re delighted to have them here amongst and us and would like to present them:

Begoña studied engineering in industrial design and product development, and in the last year of her degree she started a company placement in the marketing department for a brand of children’s clothing. There, her duties were coordination on social networks, email marketing campaigns, uploading content to the online shop and she carried out the definition of the marketing plan for each campaign, among other tasks related to marketing online. At the end of the placement, she stayed with that company for a year and a half.  Showing the will to succeed and to get ahead which characterise all Lifting Group employees, Begoña took another step in her career and studied an online master’s in digital marketing and ecommerce at the business school in Barcelona. In January this year, she started a classroom-based master’s in marketing management and business communication at the Polytechnic University of Valencia. Now, Begoña is part of the Lifting Group Valencia team, where they are delighted with her contribution and enthusiasm for continuing to learn and grow professionally.

Welcome to the Lifting Group family, Begoña!

Blanca studied for a degree in Translation and interpreting and she received a grant to let her spend a year in Germany working as a conversation assistant; nevertheless, when this period finished, Blanca wanted to carry on learning the language, so applied for a job at Apple Inc., where she worked as a specialist. It was there that she learned about sales strategies and customer service. After two years, Blanca returned to the area of translation, working for a famous German translation company, but this time starting her career as a Project Manager. Her responsibilities grew in line with her career. As if this were not enough, during this period of time Blanca started a master’s in digital marketing and ecommerce, and discovered that this was what she was really passionate about. After five years in Germany and with a near-native level of German, she decided to return to her homeland to search for new professional experiences which would give her knowledge of digital marketing.

We’re happy to have you among us, Blanca!

Nancy has come directly from Zurich in Switzerland, where she studied for a degree in business communication, while working at the same time on a job placement at a well-known company in Zurich. There, she developed her talent for sales and took her first steps into the world of business. Later, she worked in the human resources department of that same company, where she undertook duties related to internal communication for one year. Nancy’s drive to succeed led her to be responsible for customer service for four years. Nevertheless, ever since her degree course, she had realised the importance of marketing to a company and wanted to dedicate herself to broadening and contrasting her theoretical knowledge with a placement period at Lifting Group, for which she has moved to Barcelona.

It’s great that you’ve come from so far away to work with us!

Joan stood out from a very early age for his creativity and inevitably ended up studying what he really liked and motivated him: a degree in design at Pau Gargallo University in Badalona. He got his first experiences at a company that develops apps, where his duties were as UX/UI designer, and he continued as a freelancer on different projects of all types. Showing the will to succeed which characterises all the members of Lifting Group, currently Joan is taking a master’s in branding and packaging at the university design centre in Barcelona, determined to broaden his knowledge in the area of design. He now forms part of the design team at our creative agency: Imagine Creative Ideas.

We’re very happy that you’re part of our team!

At Lifting Group, we’re enthusiastic about the new hires, who will undoubtedly bring enthusiasm, knowledge and talent to our teams, enriching them even more and following the lodestar which characterises this company.



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