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New member of Lifting Group

Our most recent addition, Xavier Castellnou, is an expert in both digital and offline marketing. With 12 years experience under his belt in positions of responsibility and senior posts, Xavier is now the Manager of our On-Demand Digital Services Team. .

Xavier took a diploma in  business administration and management and another in marketing and advertising. He soon stood out for his capacity for involvement and leadership in the business sector, knowing how to extract the maximum potential from team work and identifying the strong points of each member of his team, which made him a highly appreciated member of a team in marketing and digital marketing during his career.

In 2003 he became Marketing and Advertising Manager for a major company, where he was responsible for planning and contact with the main offline media (magazines, press, television and radio).

In 2005 he changed firms and area within the agency itself and went on to be Key Accounts Manager. In his new post, he developed client loyalty strategies and designed marketing plans for different clients.

In 2011, Xavier started working as a Digital Marketing Manager, likewise at an agency, where he had the opportunity to manage projects for key accounts, managing the agency’s SEO team.
Xavier then went on to accept the post of Account Manager; His mission was divided into two basic tasks: client care and assessment of web optimisation,, SEO, SEM, SMM and web design, etc.

Since 2014 Xavier has also had the chance to develop and link two of his greatest passions, giving classes on SEO as a teacher at two of the most well know business schools in the country.

His passion for marketing has meant that he has always given his best in his work, constantly seeking improvements to contribute the best value to each project. That is why today we have the honour of presenting Xavier as part of the team of Lifting Group and we welcome him to our ever growing family.

Welcome, Xavier!



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