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The Lifting Group team continues to grow

At Lifting Group we consider it vital to have a team that is not only committed and aligned with our corporate values, but also able to handle the challenges we mark with and for our clients.

We recently welcomed Natalia, Eduardo, Maria and Laura, who now form part of our team of consultants, both in the teams of Marketing Outsourcing and in Digital Agency Services. Each one has a very different profile but has a lot to give to our Marketing and Strategy Consultancy and Agency. Our values guide us when we select each member of our team, we look for people who share the same values and characteristics as the ones that define us: effort, proactivity and involvement, in every action we take.


Natalia Muñoz:

Natalia studied for a degree in Journalism, her passion for writing and articulacy have been two of her strong points since she was little. However, Natalia has never stopped looking for ways to excel, that’s why in 2013 she decided to study a higher technical course in Social Media and Community Management and went one step further with her academic training in 2016 by taking post-graduate studies in strategic marketing.

She worked for several years as a journalist in different offline media until 2012 when her career shifted and she began to work for a company in corporate communication. After one year she started with the agency, and so her adventure in the world of marketing and strategy commenced Little by little Natalia has interiorised ever greater skills to become the grand, experienced professional she is today.

We are delighted to give Natalia a warm welcome as part of our team. Her constant dedication and will to success make her an ideal candidate for manager of one of our Marketing Outsourcing teams..

Welcome, Natalia!

Eduardo Herrero:

Eduardo started his academic career with a Degree in  Multimedia Journalism and soon began to work as a journalist for different media. After getting accustomed to dealing with the media and developing his communication skills, our new family member started to specialise in marketing and social media for a Communication Agency in 2015..  From then on Eduardo started to develop his potential in the world of corporate communications and marketing in the UK and then in Spain with brands such as Pikolin and SEAT.  To complete his training in Digital Marketing, Eduardo studied a Master’s Degree in Higher Digital Marketing and another in Social Media and Digital Marketing.

Welcome, Eduardo!


Maria Garcia:

Maria started her professional career as a graduate in Audiovisual Communication, later on she took a specialised course in Production Film and Television Directing; years later, out new colleague studied a Master’s in Advertising Creativity.

Maria worked for several media companies for some years, but she gradually specialised more and more in the field of marketing and advertising, preparing marketing plans, designing changes to brand promotions and SWOT analyses for a prestigious firm.

In 2015 she started working in Madrid for a company where she was involved in advertising tasks such as qualitative analysis of the advertising used in national radio stations, etc. Thanks to this work Maria has developed her skills and has extended her knowledge of the world of marketing.

Maria recently decided to give a boost to her professional career in marketing, going on to form part of the Lifting Group team.

Welcome, Maria!


Laura Canal:

Laura started her professional career with a degree in graphic design but she soon realised that she preferred marketing and decided to study for a diploma in Fashion Marketing and Communications. In 2016 she went one step further in her academic career with a Master’s in Digital Marketing & Inbound Marketing. Laura also has certificates from Google, Google Adwords and Google Display.

Laura, has always been a very versatile person, which explains why she started her professional career as a graphic designer and later developed her talents in writing for a famous brand of clothing. From then on, Laura worked in different posts related to marketing and corporate communication to become a truly complete professional, with experiences in the UK and Barcelona.

Laura and Lifting Group got together and Laura decided to go one stage further in her professional career, to form part of the team of Lifting Group, where she will be able to show all her potential in the marketing sector.

Welcome, Laura!

We’re totally sure that your new adventure at Lifting Group will be full of challenges and opportunities that will enable you all to grow and improve in every way. We are very excited to have you all with us.





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