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March Editorial: First quarter overcome, we’re on our way!

We’ve reached the end of the first quarter of 2018, the weeks fly by, for us… perhaps this first quarter was too fast. I couldn’t even write the editorial in February. At Lifting Group we’re up to the brim with internal changes, new recruits, new methodology and new objectives. As Richard Branson explained in his most recent book “Finding Virginity”, part of his success is based on focusing on the search for improvement and mainly in doing new things that make us “lose our virginity” again. Well there we are too, and we’re consolidating a team structure that is helping us to improve in our services at a global level, and in retaining talent and that means not just more time but also learning to manage new situations that requires new ways of thinking about things. All this work in the first quarter of 2018 should give its harvest in this second quarter, although we are aware that we’re going to see it more in the long term in line with our strategic plan for 2018/2020

 width=This year is serving as the chance to lay the foundations for the strategic plan and one of those is to strengthen our four areas of service: Consultancy, Marketing Outsourcing, Digital services and our creative agency, Imagine Creative Ideas.. We have a very clear challenge, achieve the transformation of the industry of Consultancies and Agencies, putting the client and our team in the middle to provide added value with the maximum involvement. This requires passion, commitment and expertise. With the latest recruits we have managed to form a very powerful and capable team of digital services  that I’m very pleased with. I’m also very proud of the visual team of Imagine Creative Ideas and the Marketing Outsourcing team, which are starting to make solid progress too.  So we’ll continue on the same lines we marked out and we have great hopes for this second quarter, we have three months to consolidate them. Let’s go for them.



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