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Lifting Group in the final of the 2017 Bartalent Awards

Coca-Cola European Partners created an initiative two years ago (the 2018 edition will be the third) whose objective is to enhance the figure of the professional waiter in the HORECA sector.

The initiative has been baptised with the name Bartalent Lab and has an online platform whose purpose is to help all those waiters who would like to boost their professional career.

That web platform has sections which range from training for professionals, news about the sector, tutorial videos, English classes for waiters, etc., and allows users, fianl bartalent lab lifting group once registered, to accumulate points: this creates a ranking of competitors.

Those who get the most points each month, apart from getting prizes, will become Bartalent Lab finalists, in a grand final where competitors must demonstrate all their skills, as well as receiving training from the best professionals of the sector.

The winner is recognized for their level of professionalism and is proclaimed as “Bartalent of the Year”.


The Lifting Group team travelled to San Sebastian to give  support to the grand final of Bartalent Lab 2017.

Our team had set itself two clear objectives: on the one hand, to cover the event, and on the other, to track the project which we at Lifting Group already had under way. We were responsible for covering the Bartalent Lab grand final on social networks, as well as to give support to those media outlets which participated in covering the day of the great final, which was February 22 at the Basque Culinary Center.

The objective was to communicate what a Bartalent Lab grand final signifies. The event was divided into three days; on the first day, the mission of the Lifting Group was to cover the arrival of the finalists in San Sebastian: to capture the moment of arrival and the start of this experience, they were received with cameras. The participants started off the three days of the Grand Final with lunch at the Basque Culinary Center workshop dining-room, where the students of the centre itself serve and cook all the dishes. The first training session took place while the Lifting Group team captured the moment to rebroadcast it on social networks, allowing the enthusiasm and hopes of the competitors who were assimilating the knowledge to improve their protocol techniques to be seen.

During the day, Lifting Group covered all the training carried out, such as: improved preparation of cocktails, preparing the perfect coffee and plating techniques. At this stage of the event, the finalists were delighted to receive this training from professionals of great reputation.

The last day was definitely one of the most exciting, and not only for the competitors: the Lifting Group team was present at all times, capturing all the most exciting moments. The grand final came and the protagonists of the day were the different trials.

Once again, the Basque Culinary Center was the venue chosen for this exciting stage. And the final did not disappoint: all ten finalists showed they were worthy of victory, but in the end Alberto Meléndez was the winner on the night, becoming the Bartalent of the Year.

For the competitors, it was all over and they went home with a great experience under their belt, new friendships and opportunities. For our team, a second phase started, in which  they selected the best content for editing and subsequently for publication; in addition to creating all the scripting work to be sent to the press, put on the internet and broadcast on social networks.

At Lifting Group, we felt excited to have been able to participate in an experience like this, undertaking a project that our teams have been passionate about from the very first moment.



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