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Lifting Group aims to be a Happy company and so we are launching a project with a Happiness Department!

At Lifting we find ourselves every day with new challenges to overcome, opportunities grasp, complications to resolve and objectives to meet. One of these objectives is to make Lifting Group a place where all our team can feel fulfilled, with a clear vision of their contribution and their goals, an environment with a good atmosphere, leadership and above all, one that is HAPPY. For this reason, this year we have taken the step of hiring a consultancy that specialises in improving the achievement of these objectives and the corporate culture of Lifting Group. This consultancy, Happiness Department, has helped us not only to define the objectives but also to identify where we are internally on this path.

The kick-off occurred with the Change Summit, where both the Happiness Department and our CEO, David Garcia, pitched to the whole team the start of the project, the objectives and the process of change that since that day Lifting Group has undertaken to start creating a happy company, namely Lifting Group. We have followed this up with Leaders Workshop, where both the internal leaders of the project (our CEO and our Connecting Manager) and the head of the Happiness Department assigned to the Lifting Group have made a Design Thinking session to identify what they want from the Lifting Group as a workplace, where we are and what levers are considered available to us.



Based on this session we made a definition of the 15 factors to develop in greater depth (Culture, Environment, Flexibility, Salary, Development, Realisation, Leadership, Training, Recognition, Benefits, Stability, Location, Environment, Resources and Health) with the consequent definition of a research algorithm in order to perform a feedback collection in digital format that is totally anonymous. Once the feedback was collected, key aspects were worked on through face-to-face Focus Groups to finally define and identify where we are up to and what we can do to get where we want to be.

All this project is just the beginning of a clear commitment by Lifting Group to not only be a leading company for its customers and our contribution to generating their business, but also to be a company of which our whole team can feel proud.

Obviously, we have much to do, but we are motivated by the step that has been taken and we are looking forward to the new changes that await us in 2019. We are delighted to bring the year to a close as a company that is committed to the well-being and happiness of the people that make us grow!



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