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BS Light launches a new website in collaboration with Lifting Group

BSV Electronic is a technology company that designs, manufactures and offers electronic solutions for swimming pool, water treatment and lighting professionals.

The company was quickly occupying a market niche in different sectors.

Today it has three commercial divisions, all of them with the link between electronics, energy saving and efficiency in all its products:

The company has a global commitment and all its products are designed to respect its goal of energy savings and sustainability. Its commitment to the environment goes further and all its internal processes are focused on this premise.

Focusing on BS Light, it is one of the divisions specialized in the manufacture and marketing of LED lighting products. The constant evolution and innovation of the LED lighting market means that this division constantly incorporates new products in order to remain a leader and benchmark in offering solutions to all its customers’ lighting needs.

Today, BSV firmly believes in local manufacturing, giving a very important value to the Made in Barcelona and Made in Spain brand, faithfully reflecting and transmitting its experience and know-how.

For the BS Light division, our Lifting Group teams have focused on developing a new website for this division, thus being able to create a reference site where the brand could be worked on and at the same time offer the different products in a clear and structured way.

With this project, what was intended was to create a space where BS Light could be differentiated from the rest of the divisions of the BSV Electronic company, increasing the visibility and brand awareness, maximizing the capture of leads to increase the volume of business and improving the usability and user experience.

The team has also been aware at all times that in order for the proposed project to be carried out, it was previously essential to establish certain specific characteristics at the functionality level.

For this, the team has developed a web project based on WordPress with multiple functionalities and product subcategories, adapting at all times to the needs established by the client.

With this new website, BSV Electronic manages to have each of its divisions segmented, granting each one its own unique visibility and notoriety, capable of transmitting its own values ​​and Core business. For the project, the team has also taken into account the usability of the page, so that the user can not only have a unique experience on the web, but also have easy access to the extensive catalog of products.

Thanks to the effort and involvement of our teams, we can say that the BS Light website is now available! Thanks also to the team at BSV Electronic for making it happen!



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